Biloxi Train Crash Video: CSX Train Hit Bus Stuck On Tracks From Austin [Photos]

There was a deadly train crash in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Tuesday, March 7. As seen in the above photo from WLOX-TV, passengers were extracted from a bus that had been hit by a CSX freight train. Video of the aftermath of the train and bus crash can be seen below.

Update: The New York Daily News reports at least four people were killed in the deadly train and bus crash in Biloxi. Approximately 35 people have been transported to the hospital as of this writing.

Even 30 minutes after the Biloxi train crash, Vincent Creel, a Biloxi city spokesman, reported that emergency personnel were getting injured people off the bus. As of this writing, there are three people confirmed dead in the charter bus and train crash, according to theThe Sun Herald.

Photos from the scene in Biloxi, like those photos shown above and below, display emergency responders on the scene in Biloxi, where fire stations and the Gulfport Fire Department came to help in the tragedy.

Although initial reports have confirmed three people have lost their lives in the Biloxi crash, the number of injuries is unknown. What is being reported is that the train hit and dragged the charter bus in Biloxi, according to 6ABC.

The train struck the bus on Main Street in Biloxi, as the bus was headed in a northern direction, leaving dozens injured, according to WWLTV.

Photos from the scene of the deadly train and bus crash show the bus still on the train tracks after the crash and still upright, but the bus appeared slightly tilted. The front of the train appeared smashed into the driver’s side of the charter bus on Tuesday. The train that hit the bus in Biloxi, according to WLOX, was headed in an eastbound direction.

The following video from CBS Evening News shows emergency rescue personnel showing up on the scene of the train and bus crash. Additional videos tagged Biloxi can be viewed via Twitter.

The accident happened in downtown Biloxi, with the train hitting and dragging the charter bus in Mississippi approximately 300 feet down the tracks, according to WACH. The publication notes that plenty of charter buses carrying patrons and passengers to casinos, but it hasn’t been stated yet if the Biloxi charter bus involved in the crash contained casino patrons.

According to, those who witnessed the bus getting hit by the CSX train said that the bus looked like it was stuck on the tracks before the train hit it. The bus that was left stuck on the track in Biloxi, according to, was carrying “OAPs in Biloxi,” that is, retirees. If true, that would lead to the reasoning of why most folks may have not been able to depart the bus quickly before the deadly crash.

The Biloxi bus crash, according to the International Business Times, left dozens of people injured.

The Independent confirms Biloxi city officials stating that about 50 people were on the bus when the crash occurred.

The bus was filled with senior citizens, reports the New York Daily News, and was coming from Austin.

According to the below tweet from WLOX, the tragic CSX train crash into the charter bus was not the first crash at the Biloxi Main Street crossing, which displays the following photo of a previous train crash.

As of this writing, the official CSX Facebook page and Twitter account do not show an official statement about the train crash into the charter bus, although there are reports on social media that claim CSX has stated no one on the freight train was injured or killed.

[Featured Image by WLOX-TV/AP Images]