Animated Hitler Comedy ‘Adolf’ Launches Crowdsourcing Campaign [Video]

The animated feature length comedy Adolf is looking for some financial help from the comic book series’ fans, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on a controversial comic book series from Germany, Adolf follows the adventures of the notorious German ruler after her emerges from a bunker years after the war. The story chronicles Hitler’s numerous attempts to adapt to the modern world. Although he tries to keep his murderous ways under wraps, he accidentally causes the death of Kurt Cobain, Lady Di, and others along the way.

Since convincing a major studio to touch something as controversial and questionable as Adolf is nearly impossible, producers have taken to the internet to generate production funds. The crowdsourcing campaign for the animated Hitler comedy is currently scheduled to run through February of 2013.

In order to generate some much-needed internet buzz, Adolf creator Walter Moers uploaded a teaser trailer for the proposed motion picture. In the clip, Hitler arrives to deliver a speech only to discover that he forgot to put on a pair of pants.

According to Wikipedia, Walter Moers is considered to be one of the most successful German comic book creators and authors in history. Instead of children, his books are geared more towards adults who don’t mind dark humor and political incorrectness.

In addition to Adolf, die Nazisau (Adolf, the Nazi Pig), Moers is also credited with creating Das kleine Arschloch (The Little A**hole). The story chronicles the adventures of a little boy who constantly gets in trouble with adults.

Moers also created Der alte Sack (The Old Curmudgeon), a series which finds a terminally ill man in a wheelchair delivering sarcastic observations on the things that go on around him.

The Adolf mastermind has also penned a number of books, a number of which have been translated into English. The author’s The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books was just released in the United States on November 8.

The promotional trailer for Adolf has been embedded below. Do you think an animated Hitler comedy is too offensive?