Ivanka Trump Perfumes Soar To No. 1 On Amazon In Bizarre Anti-Anti-Trump Protest


Ivanka Trump perfumes are selling like crazy on Amazon despite the boycott on Trump-branded products, according to Fortune. People are buying the President daughter’s perfumes on Amazon like crazy in an apparent boycott of the anti-Trump boycott.

As funny as it sounds, people are boycotting the boycott on Trump-branded products by buying Ivanka Trump’s Eu de Parfum Spray for Women and Ivanka Trump for Women Roller Ball perfumes on Amazon.

In an apparent show of support for the Trump family, pro-Trump supporters are buying Ivanka Trump’s perfumes on Amazon in huge quantities, making the two perfumes the top two best-selling items in the e-Commerce retailer’s beauty section.

On Saturday, Ivanka Trump’s Eu De Parfume and the Roller Ball secured the No. 1 and No. 2 bestseller spots in the section, respectively. And while Ivanka Trump has her dad to thank for the success of her perfumes – as well as more than 59 million Americans who voted for him – the comment section below her items understandably got political.

While there are still comments that actually review the perfumes, more recent comments are more political in the wake of Trump presidency. While one comment stated that Ivanka Trump’s perfume has a “really interesting scent of bigotry, white nationalism, and fake news,” another one noted that it “smells like communism.”

But there was also one user who wrote that Ivanka Trump’s perfume bears a “fascist,” “demagogue,” and “racist” smell to it, and added that the perfume’s scent “may have been motivated by daddy.”

While Trump critics keep labeling the U.S. President as “fascist” and “racist,” there are also those who voice their support for the Trump family and Ivanka Trump in the reviews section.

One commenter noted that if buying a $15 Ivanka Trump perfume helps “just a little” to send a message to the companies that are “caving their intolerant hate of OUR President then so be it.”

The soaring sales of Ivanka Trump’s perfumes come as an apparent show of support for the Trump family amid protest groups urging consumers to boycott all products related to the U.S. President’s family.

The anti-Trump boycott has already spread nationwide, with several major retailers, including Nordstrom and T.J. Maxx, pulling Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories off the shelves – or at least hiding them behind other items in stores.

Ivanka Trump is not the only family member whose business is suffering because of the boycott as protesters urge consumers to stop buying Donald Trump’s Trump-branded wines. But those urges, however, didn’t prevent the wines from selling out at two Richmond-area Wegmans stores recently.

Ivanka Trump’s perfumes are huge hits on Amazon, but can they help her seduce Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if she starts wearing them? This is one of many questions people are asking in the wake of rumors about Ivanka and Trudeau‘s alleged affection, according to Fortune.

Ivanka Trump recently helped organize a roundtable discussion on women in the workforce, which she and Trudeau attended. During the roundtable, one of the photographers captured Ivanka looking at Trudeau, and the Internet went crazy.

The rumor mill has been churning about the alleged – but let’s face it, non-existent – affection between Ivanka Trump and Trudeau. The media described Ivanka as giving the Canadian PM “a dirty look” and looking “thirsty” for Trudeau.

Many critics of the media coverage noted that such comments are sexist, as just because a woman as gorgeous as Ivanka Trump is smiling and making eye contact with a man doesn’t mean she’s “thirsty” to have sex with him.

And the saddest and the most ironic thing is that such sexist comments were directed at Ivanka Trump during the meeting that is supposed to empower women.

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