Paula Broadwell Regrets Affair With David Petraeus

Paula Broadwell regrets her extramarital affair with former CIA chief David Petraeus and is devastated by the fallout from it, according to statements from friends.

Someone close to Broadwell stated on Sunday that the biographer deeply regrets the affair with the former head of the CIA and the damage that it has caused her family and all others involved, reports The Boston Herald.

The biographer stated that she is also trying to repair the damage that has been done and move forward from the scandal. A group of friends and neighbors welcomed Broadwell and her family back into their home in Charlotte, North Carolina after they spent the past week being hounded by media.

Despite being back at home, Broadwell is still being investigated by the FBI for classified documents that we found both on her laptop and in her home. Investigators believe the author gathered the documents while she was researching her biography of Petraeus in Afghanistan.

Broadwell has informed them the documents did not come from Petraeus, and the investigators have added that they are old any may no longer be classified.

The Washington Post notes that the scandal Pamela Broadwell regrets was uncovered after the FBI tracked anonymous emails Broadwell reportedly sent to socialite Jill Kelley. The emails warned Kelley to stay away from both Petraeus and Afghanistan war commander General John Allen.

The FBI has since stopped investigating Petraeus, although they are looking to see if the former CIA director may have behaved inappropriately by using agency resources to further his affair with his biographer. Considering the fallout from their affair (morals notwithstanding), it is understandable that Pamela Broadwell would regret her affair with Davide Petraeus.