Roman Reigns Has Experts At Odds With WWE ‘WrestleMania’ Schemes

What the WWE has planned for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania next month has the experts at odds as to what his total package will look like after that big event. While the Undertaker is most likely the opponent Reigns will face in the ring, the way this projected match will go is up for much debate.

One point that isn’t brought up about Reigns very often is his timing and delivery while at the microphone, according to an article from Forbes. This, along with his good looks, might just be hampering Reigns with the fans. When it comes to the WWE pulling him out of limbo and placing him into a good or bad category, each new event looks promising for that to change, but it never materializes.

The first scene on the road to WWE WrestleMania played out this week at RAW, where the Undertaker marked his WWE territory for Reigns. As Comic Book suggests, the Undertaker let Reigns “know that the WWE was indeed still his yard.” Cageside Seats reports today that there’s still no official word regarding of any intentions of turning Reigns heel at WrestleMania, as their article rounds up today’s WWE rumors.

Assuming that Reigns will walk away as the victor, might be assuming too much, as there are a few other scenarios being thrown out there today. One comes from the Fan Rag Sports Network and suggests the Undertaker and Reigns in the ring together could very well “steal the show” at WrestleMania. They also suggest that “there’s little doubt that Roman does not need the rub of beating Taker at WrestleMania.”

Reigns can still be next in line for a shot at the title even with a loss to the Undertaker. So it is not vital to the WWE’s cause for Reigns to walk away as the winner, leaving more speculation about who walks away on top.

Someone you may least expect has an idea on how Reigns can come out on top with both the WWE and the fans. This scenario is suggested by Jim Ross, who is not only a WWE Hall of Famer, but he is also the “long-time voice of the WWE,” as the Comic Book article describes him.

If Ross was orchestrating the WrestleMania match for Reigns what would he do?

Ross said, “I’d likely put Reigns over in Orlando via cheating to gain an unfair advantage as it would facilitate Reigns leaving WrestleMania with immense heat and bragging rights to carry Roman farther down the road.”

Ross believes with Reigns doing this it will make him a “huge fan favorite,” which is what the WWE has been pushing for when it comes to Reigns for a long time now.

The scenario is highly unlikely as Comic Book suggests. They believe Reigns will stay exactly as he is for the “foreseeable future.” Forbes offers some insight on the WrestleMania match for Reigns and the Undertaker by taking the WWE culture of today into consideration. A sports writer from Forbes calls this the “era in professional wrestling when the most natural good guys are booed and the most dastardly heels and everyman faces are championed.”

Brian Mazique from Forbes offers up a description of the Big Dog’s looks as something that works against him. He describes Reigns as “too perfect from a cosmetic standpoint.” While many WWE fans have picked up on his good looks, Mazique offers something else about Reigns that’s not often talked about, which is his performance at the microphone.

Reigns’ timing is off when he takes to the mic, as well as his delivery, and this is a problem because the mic “is his biggest area of opportunity,” suggests the article from Forbes. In the ring, Reigns is not lacking much of anything, and his moves are mesmerizing to watch inside the ropes, but his promos don’t have the impact they should because of his lack of punch at the mic. Mazique calls Reigns “a magnetic presence at live shows.”

This might explain why the fans love to hate Reigns. Despite bombarding him with boos, which would indicate they don’t like the guy, the WWE fans would probably be very disappointed if he wasn’t in the ring. The article from Forbes suggests that it is “hard to gauge” where the origin of the fans’ seemingly disdain comes from. This is a man with “obvious popularity” and at the same time he endures the “constant criticism” in the ring.

What will this WrestleMania do for Reigns that the other major events haven’t? No one has that answer, there is just a lot of educated guessing going on today. WrestleMania 33 is just around the corner, as it’s slated for Sunday, April 2.

[Featured Images by Manish Swarup/AP Images]