‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin’s In Trouble, Nina Makes A Deal, Liv’s Wild

Things have been pretty wild lately on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that there is plenty more chaos on the way. Olivia Jerome is on a quest for vengeance, and nobody is safe while she’s on her rampage. What’s coming up in the March 7 episode and where are things headed next as Anna scrambles, Lulu and Valentin battle over Charlotte, Nina feels conflicted, and Alexis struggles?

The last that everybody saw, people throughout Port Charles were freaking out over Olivia’s presence, and she had taken Robin and was going after Griffin, all in a delusional and desperate attempt to bring Duke back to life. GH teasers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Jerome will manage to get what she wants, and that is Griffin from the looks of things. The previews show Griffin strapped to a table, his shirt off, a stunned look on his face with Liv talking about how he’s going to be spending the rest of his life with her as she explains who she is.

As this bizarre interaction with Olivia and Griffin proceeds, GH teasers share that Anna will be frantic to track down the woman who was so obsessed with Duke. Anna will be pushing Julian for information, and she will be facing her past as this chaos ensues. She’s desperate to ensure that Robin is safe and she’ll be frantic about Griffin as this all plays out as well.

'GH' teasers reveal that Nina strikes a deal with Laura [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

GH teasers hint at drama with other storylines ahead during Tuesday’s episode as well. Nina and Valentin are struggling in their relationship, but they need to present a united front in the custody hearing over Charlotte. Valentin’s lawyer, Nora Buchanan who many soap fans will remember from One Life to Live, will be encouraging Valentin to fix these issues so that they look united in court. At the same time, it seems that Lulu, Dante, and Diane will talk about whether or not to use these issues to their advantage. Diane may be trying to discourage her client to touch this aspect of the situation, but Lulu seems ready to push it.

Viewers will see Laura reach out to Nina and propose a deal and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two will find a way to compromise and get on the same page. Just what is it that Laura proposes as she tells Nina that they can both get what they want? Nina will be taking sides as the week continues and Soap Central notes that she will be taking a stand. Will she stick with Valentin and help him fight for Charlotte or will she end up on her own again, leaving the door open for Lulu to get custody of her daughter?

Valerie will make a rare appearance, telling Alexis and Lucas that she needs them to go with her, and Alexis will look shocked at what’s she’s hearing. General Hospital spoilers share that Alexis will be once again swearing off Julian, trying to distance herself from him, but fans have seen that she’s had a difficult time making this stick. Could there be an opening for “Julexis” to reunite now that so much has been revealed about Olivia’s part in the recent chaos or are they really done for good?

Finola Hughes plays Anna on 'General Hospital'
'GH' spoilers hint that Anna will be desperate and in trouble during the shows ahead [Image by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images]

As the week of March 6 continues, GH teasers reveal that Olivia’s schemes will escalate as she aims to ensure that Anna dies and she pushes this bizarre situation with Griffin. Munro is said to end up making a selfless sacrifice, and some have to wonder if he will end up agreeing to stay with Liv to ensure that Robin and Anna are left alone as Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests.

Actress Tonja Walker, who plays the revived Jerome sibling, recently detailed that she had wrapped up filming and would appear on GH through the middle of this month. However, as Soap Central shared, Tonja then indicated that she was doing a bit more filming. Walker’s teasers reveal that there are big surprises ahead and she will continue to air until late March. Anna is in a severely weakened state due to her cancer diagnosis, but it sounds as if a juicy showdown between the two women may be on the way.

Who will end up taking down the delusional Jerome sister and will Griffin manage to get himself out of this mess? What deal does Nina agree to and how will that impact Lulu’s battle to win custody of Charlotte from Valentin? General Hospital spoilers tease that things are going to be quite wild as the week of March 6 continues and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]