‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Does Jack Cheat On Rebecca?

This Is Us spoilers reveal that some very emotional storylines are on the way to finish out Season 1. The NBC series, which is already beloved by viewers, has made big waves throughout its freshman season, and the final episodes will be much of the same.

According to TV Line, This Is Us leaves fans in tears on a regular basis, and the relationships featured on the show are what drives the fans to return week after week. Although viewers know that Jack is dead in the present time, they can not get enough of his beautiful love story with wife, Rebecca. However, could there be a huge shocker at the end of Season 1?

Actor Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson on the NBC series, reveals that his character could be looking at some big trouble. Recently, This Is Us viewers watched a scene that featured Jack pick up a glass of alcohol and drink it after a fight with his wife, Rebecca. This is a problem because Jack had issues with alcohol in the past, and it almost cost him his marriage. However, he promised Rebecca that he was done drinking, and he was, until now.

This Is Us Season 1 spoilers: Will Jack cheat on Rebecca?
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“If anyone can assume what that means symbolically, what that means in relation to Rebecca’s abhorrence of it, it spells danger and it spells problems… But is Jack deserving of that moment to possibly take the edge off? Yeah, I think maybe he earned it.”

In the preview for this week’s episode, Jack runs into his assistant in a bar, and the two share an intense look that has This Is Us fans wondering if Jack will cheat on Rebecca. Of course, infidelity would be another huge issue the couple would have to work through, but that may not be the case. The plot could simply be that Jack is tempted to cheat due to the strain on his marriage, and the fact that Rebecca is leaving to go on tour with her ex-boyfriend and their band against his wishes. However, when asked if Jack will have an affair, Milo Ventimiglia wouldn’t confirm or deny the possibility.

“I think everybody wants to speculate and wonder what it is that could possibly pull Jack and Rebecca apart. There are a lot of different things in life that pull any couple apart, whether it’s work or career or a spark with someone else. I think there are a lot of teasing elements that, of course, are going to be out there and questions that are going to get asked. I constantly tell people, ‘Just wait. All answers will come, probably pretty quick.'”

This Is Us Season 1 spoilers Jack and Rebecca.
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As for answers about Jack’s death, many of the show’s actors have revealed that before Season 1 is over, fans will know more details about the Pearson patriarch’s passing, and the aftermath it caused the family. As for Milo, he promises that the Season 1 finale of This Is Us, which airs on March 14, will “stress you the f**k out,” as you watch it.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode will deal with the aftermath of William’s death. The episode will reveal with how Randall handles the passing of his biological father, as well as how the other members of the Pearson family react to the news of William’s heartbreaking death. The episode promises to be another tearjerker and will set up for next week’s Season 1 finale.

What are your thoughts on the latest This Is Us spoilers and Milo Ventimiglia’s comments on the season finale?

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