Bella Thorne In Racy Pictures, Flaunts Body In String Bikini

Bella Thorne’s racy pictures have become an everyday thing. From teasing fans with sultry videos to flaunting too much in photos, Bella Thorne really keeps increasing the temperature.

If the recent Bella Thorne’s nude live feed video was not enough, the Famous In Love star had previously shared many other pictures in which she flaunted her assets. She recently appeared in a pink corset top paired with hot pants showing off her cleavage.

For former Disney actress, such pictures and videos are normal, and she truly believes in sharing her true self, Maxim reported.

“People tell me all the time about my social media and my Snapchat, but I’m not going to change myself for this business, and I’m not going to change myself for anyone else.”

Though the Disney’s Shake It Up star said that coming out as bisexual and posting racy images caused some backlash from the industry, she likes to think that fans love her for what she does.

“It is hard in this business for us. It really is. I have already had people talk shit to me. And it comes from people in the industry, not even fans. I’ve had studios tell me my image is too ‘out there,’ hinting at it but not really saying it.”

Thorne also revealed in her interview with Paper Magazine that she thinks that the world has changed so much, and we have come so far, but still, it is not enough as society often objects to people’s personal choices. While talking about sharing on social media, the former Disney star revealed that she is blunt and honest, and she does not like to lie, so if it is about any comment, or if it is about sharing pictures, she keeps it real.

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[Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company]

The actress further added that if she is not posting her pictures, then paparazzi will, and she prefers it comes to her fans from her. Bella shares a lot of pictures from her real life, and many of them are racy enough to possibly garner the wrong attention. She admitted that she chooses to keep her image open and true.

“It’s because I’m choosing to want [to put it] out.”

The 19-year-old actress is looking forward to more serious roles and recently appeared in the Freeform television series, Famous In Love. The show is based on the book with of the same name, written by Rebecca Serle. It will premiere on April 18, 2017. She will also be seen in six upcoming movie projects that will be released sometime this year or 2018.

“I always try to go for really different characters…I’ve now decided I’m not going to do another mean girl, and I’ve had to turn down a couple of really cool roles just because they were mean characters. I really just think about if I like the script if I like the director if I like the story. It’s really important to work with a great director because your career in that moment is in their hands.”

Bella Thorne portrays a teenage girl in Famous In Love, who enters the world of Hollywood after she cracks her audition. Paige [Bella Thorne] will be seen making many life choices, which youngsters will easily relate to. She will also be trying to do things the right way and going through many patch-ups and break-ups among friends and lovers.

Paige will mostly be seen struggling between her reel and real life. She will have to make tough choices at times, but the glamour of Hollywood will be a tough thing for her to beat.

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