Trump Scotch-Tapes His Tie Again: Cheap Tie Clip Has Internet Going Crazy

It wasn’t Trump’s hair blowing in the wind that riled up social media sites today, but his tie. When Trump’s tie flipped up in the wind, it revealed something that most would not expect a billionaire to use as a tie clip — Scotch Tape. The picture of Trump getting off Air Force One in the wind has gone viral today. When you hear “wind” and “Trump” in the same sentence, you might think it’s his thick mane of hair that is making an air-swept buzz, but this time it was his bright red necktie flapping in the wind getting all the attention.

When Trump’s tie was caught in the wind, the underside made a rare appearance and his secret was revealed. To keep the ends of his tie together, Trump had a generous amount of clear Scotch Tape on the underside. This viral picture was shown on Fox and Friends this morning, and Steve Doocy took the opportunity to reveal that they use a black tape to keep their ties together while on the set.

Folks across the social media sites had a field day with cheap tie clip jokes, and some even mentioned how the billionaire makes ties. For a guy who makes ties, you would think he would use something other than tape to keep it in place, which was a thought that echoed across social media sites today. Some of the tweets and posts online were absolutely hysterical, and others were just plain mean. His tie flipped up a few times Friday, even before he made his way to Air Force One. Below you can see Donald Trump looking so normal with that tape on his tie and walking with his two grandchildren while holding their hands.

Donald Trump's tie blows in the wind revealing it is taped together
President Donald Trump walks with his grandchildren Arabella and Joseph Kushner across the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Friday, March 3, 2017. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

Trump was not having a good day keeping his tie in check, and that tape wasn’t doing the job that a tie clip might have. The wind caught him a few times, and he was captured in a few pictures showing that his tie was indeed held together in the back with a few pieces of tape. He is seen above walking to the helicopter across the White House lawn with his grandchildren on Friday.

According to Time Magazine, the “Internet is freaking out over how Donald Trump is still taping his tie together.” He was captured with his favorite red tie taped a few months back before he was sworn in as president of the nation. Back then, folks thought it was a last-minute precaution, but it seems that taping his tie is something he has a tendency to do.

This was the day before his tweets started a major news story about his allegations that Obama had his phones wiretapped at Trump Towers in New York City. These pictures paint such a different picture of Trump, as he is on grandfather duty at the moment the photo was captured. Other than the fact that he is walking across the White House lawn and getting ready to board the presidential helicopter, Trump looks like the typical grandfather and typical man who taped his tie in anticipation of a windy day.

Donald Trump keeps his tie taped as he walks with his grandchildren on a windy day
Just a normal moment for Donald Trump on grandfather duty with two of his young grandchildren. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning got a kick out of the billionaire president who used Scotch Tape in lieu of a tie clip, which is evident by the different pictures seen today. This is when Steve Doocy revealed that Trump wasn’t the only one who found tape can work wonders, and he flipped his tie over while on the air to share his tie being held together by tape as well. Doocy’s sported black tape on his tie, which did look a little better than the clear sticky tape Trump used, but it was still tape.

Apparently, this isn’t a spur-of-the-moment technique for Trump when it comes to taping his tie. According to an article from Us Magazine from back in December, Trump was caught in the wind and his tie was Scotch-Taped on the underside, just like the latest photos of Trump are revealing.

It was back on December 1, when Trump went to that now-famous Carrier Company meeting in an attempt to convince them to keep their jobs within the country. It was when he was exiting a plane that a huge gust of wind blew up and sent Trump’s tie over his shoulder revealing the tape.

Both times his wind-blown tie was noted, it seems that Trump was wearing his favorite red tie. In the picture that has gone viral today across social media sites, Trump is also wearing a red tie. Is this a favorite tie, or does he have many red ties? That would be a question to ask the 45th president of the United States at the next press conference.

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]