‘Suits’ Not Ending In Season 7, Donna Wants ‘More’ From Harvey

Suits may just have aired the final episode of Season 6, but fans have already started discussing what the future holds for Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Rachel (Meghan Markle), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), and Louis (Gina Torres). In a recent interview, series creator Aaron Korsh teased what viewers can expect when Season 7 premieres later in 2017.

Season 7 is bound to be a big season for Suits. Just when fans thought that the hit USA series would end when Mike’s secret was revealed, the writers surprised everyone by turning things around and ultimately getting Mike into the bar. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron Korsh said that the next season would be about getting Pearson Specter Litt back on its feet, with Harvey taking the lead. Last season, Harvey focused all his attention on Mike, leaving Louis on his own, but that is about to change.


In Suits Season 7, we’ll also get to see Rachel and Mike working together as full-fledged lawyers. The answer to Donna wanting more in both her career and personal life will also be addressed next season.

Aaron Korsh once said that Suits could come to an end by Season 7 or 8. But as there is still a lot more story to tell, the showrunner held that the series could run for much longer. Korsh added that bringing in new people in the coming seasons will help keep it more interesting.

“My feeling on Suits in the early days was that it would go likely at least six, possibly seven and up to eight. But I wouldn’t limit it to only eight now when I see shows like Grey’s Anatomy lasting much longer. It’s still a very popular show within the network and I think worldwide. Other than that, it still has a lot of stories left to tell with our original cast, and maybe if we also bring in new people I could see it going beyond, absolutely,” he explained.

But Korsh told Entertainment Weekly that this does not mean that everyone at the legal clinic will come back for another season of Suits. Mike may have said that he should be allowed to bring anyone he wanted to Pearson Specter Litt, but Korsh held that it was nothing but a natural reaction from Mike, given that he just had a big fight with Nathan.

“We haven’t broken far enough into season 7 to know if he’s going to bring them over or not, but he’s laid the groundwork if he wants to. I think more importantly than having the ability to bring them over if he wants is having the ability to bring them in on a case if he wants, because he knows that he just went and begged for his job at the clinic and he’s going to be leaving the clinic,” Korsh added.


The Suits executive producer also revealed that we would see big changes in both Donna’s personal and professional life in Season 7. After her venture with Benjamin (David Reale) and Stu (Ian Reed Kesler), “The Donna,” failed, Donna told Harvey that she wanted “something more” out of life. Some thought that she wanted to be more than just a legal secretary, while others believed that she was actually talking about her relationship with Harvey. Korsh agreed that everyone would have a different interpretation of that particular scene.

“What I’ll say is this: Obviously we have a backdrop of Donna and Harvey and they have a romantic history and their feelings for each other on a personal level are always hanging in the air, particularly in the heightened interactions that they sometimes have. To some degree, she’s saying, ‘I don’t know if I want more with you, I don’t know if I want more with business, but I want more. That’s all going through her mind.'”

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