‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ 209: Archangels Vs. Rueduciel & Elizabeth’s Work Undone?

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Chapter 209 of the popular Japanese manga The Seven Deadly Sins picks up from the epic confrontation between Elizabeth and the demons who managed to imbibe Indura’s powers by sacrificing six of their seven hearts. The latest chapter of Nanatsu no Taizai is quite short owing to mangaka Nakaba Suzuk’s illness.

[Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga Chapter 209 spoilers/recap and Chapter 210 speculations ahead]

In the previous Chapter 208 of The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth decided to take on not one but two demons. Monspeet and Derieri had managed to exponentially increase their powers by employing a rather grotesque and dangerous technique. The duo had managed to transform themselves into an incarnation of the demon Indura. They were able to take the dreaded avatar by sacrificing six of their seven hearts. Although the sacrifice is quite deadly, it allowed them to become very powerful. Their frenzied and crazed state allowed them to cause heavy damage to the Archangels without suffering any damage in return.

Fortunately, Elizabeth decided to halt the onslaught by taking on the demons. Moreover, she ensured that her attacks targeted merely the powers and not the host. At the end of the rather brutal confrontation, she was able to exorcise Indura out of Monspeet and Derieri without killing them. Elizabeth made her noble intentions clear when she observed that all the creatures are equal, and killing them would be unwise.

In Chapter 209, Rueduciel decides to annihilate the fallen demons. He opines that killing the demons is justified and attacking them while they are down isn’t cowardice. In the previous chapter, Rueduciel was stopped from interfering in the battle by Elizabeth. She prevented him from participating in the confrontation possibly because she knew that he would attempt to kill the hosts. In the current chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth collapses from exhaustion but is caught and saved by Melodias.

Just as Rueduciel is about to attack the fallen and unconscious demons, he is stopped by two members of the Ten Commandments, identified Sir Gloxinia and Sir Dolor. Rueduciel strongly protests but his reasons are addressed by them by arguing that Elizabeth’s actions and efforts to save them would go to waste. Interestingly, Sir Gloxinia, also known as “King,” agrees with Rueduciel about destroying an enemy without considering what’s fair, unfair, or is an act of cheating.

Expressing his gratitude, Melodias thanks not only Sir Gloxinia and Sir Dolor but also the two Archangels who stepped in and prevented their colleague from attacking the demons. Peculiarly, the Archangels, Sariel and Tarmiel, note that they didn’t intervene to receive thanks, but acted because they consider themselves Elizabeth’s allies.

Incidentally, despite Indura having been exorcised from the demons, there’s no guarantee that Monspeet and Derieri have been completely purified. Rueduciel claims that the unconscious duo might not be completely cleansed, and they might attempt to kill them again. Accepting the possibility, Melodias responds to Rueduciel by claiming he will deal with the situation when or if it arrives.

Incidentally, Chapter 209 of The Seven Deadly Sins is merely eight pages long instead of the usual 20 pages that the other chapters deliver. The brevity of the chapter is owing to the poor health of The Seven Deadly Sins mangaka Nakaba Suzuki. Fans have been wishing good health to the mangaka, and hoping for his fast recovery. The release of chapter 210 is yet to be decided

Chapter 209 essentially showed the aftermath of the battle between Elizabeth and the two demons that were possessed by Indura. According to fans, the ongoing flashback arc could be coming to an end soon. This is because the characters were placed down the memory lane by Gloxinia and Drole to recall the events in the recently concluded battle.

Interestingly, the fourth Archangel is still missing. It is quite possible that he may arrive in the upcoming chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins and react in his own way to Elizabeth’s perceived insubordination.

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