Gwen Stefani Reportedly Targets Blake Shelton’s Ex-Wife Miranda Lambert Online

Gwen Stefani says that she spent Valentine’s Day “in bed,” but perhaps not in the way that her fans were imagining. Despite being in a very public and PDA-filled relationship with fellow musician Blake Shelton, the No Doubt singer admitted that she was alone in bed in a hotel on Valentine’s Day, according to People magazine.

But that didn’t stop the “Luxurious” singer from sharing almost sickeningly sweet photos of her Valentine’s Day gifts from her boyfriend on social media, followed by a photo the pair kissing which she posted on February 14.

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From the way Gwen Stefani is staring down the camera lens in the kissing photo, it almost looks as if she wants everyone – or perhaps just one person in particular – to know that she and Shelton are still madly in love.

And perhaps that one person is Blake Shelton’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. According to InTouch Weekly, the No Doubt singer is going to unleash her fury on Lambert for saying a few not so nice things about Stefani in the lyrics of her new album.

Lambert’s latest album The Weight of These Wings is believed to be part of her revenge against Gwen Stefani, but the “Don’t Speak” singer can throw painful punches, too. A source cited by InTouch Weekly said the current girlfriend of Shelton “wasn’t happy” about the new album from Lambert.

The source added that Gwen Stefani thinks the album is a “direct shot at her and Blake Shelton,” which is why she is preparing for “an inevitable showdown” to end their feud once and for all.

“Gwen is ready to debut some very personal songs about Miranda being the constant third wheel in her life.”

Saying that Gwen Stefani has already prepared several songs in which she blasts the country singer for giving up on Shelton “so easily,” the source added that the No Doubt singer wants to put Lambert behind her before she and The Voice coach get married.

It’s not only Shelton who moved on after calling it quits with Lambert, as the country singer herself also started a romance with Anderson East after divorcing the Voice coach.

It’s very rare to meet a soulmate. But apparently, Gwen Stefani and Shelton found a soulmate in one another, according to Rare Country. At least the latter did.

In his recent interview with Access Hollywood, Shelton gushed about Gwen Stefani and the impact she has had on his life. Being with Stefani, the country singer seems like the happiest man on Earth, as he says the No Doubt singer has inspired him to be a better person.

Shelton also admitted that he feels the pressure when Gwen Stefani is around. But that’s definitely the “good” type of pressure because she helps him work wonders onstage during his performances.

“I think I get a little bit better performances out of myself when she’s around. She’s Gwen Stefani, and you feel pressure when she’s around watching you.”

Shelton even went as far as comparing Gwen Stefani to a Santa Claus. But no – the country singer is not trying to say that Stefani isn’t real. On the contrary, the No Doubt singer is very real for Shelton, who says Stefani knows if he’s good or bad, so he has the motivation to be good.

Gwen Stefani and Shelton have now been together for 15 months, having met on the set of The Voice back in 2015. Shelton’s comments about Stefani came just days after his guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the country singer – surprise, surprise – also talked about his loved one, according to People magazine.

When Shelton started gushing about Gwen Stefani during his chat with Ellen DeGeneres, nobody was even a tiny bit surprised. Declaring that he “loves” talking about the No Doubt singer, Shelton revealed that he wasn’t sure if they could become an item at first.

Shelton thought he and Gwen Stefani weren’t meant to be together at first. But soon he realized that Stefani is actually “the most normal person” he has ever met in his life.

“It’s been good for me to be with somebody that’s so grounded and just a good human being with a great heart.”

And Gwen Stefani’s normalness comes with a rather huge bonus – she’s hot. And Shelton surely appreciates that bonus!

“She’s hot. Have you seen her? I mean look at that.”

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