WWE News: Major Update On Upcoming WWE Draft, New Rules And ‘NXT’ Stars Included

The WWE Draft will be coming up a bit later this year, and many people are already wondering where some of their favorite WWE Superstars will end up going when it takes place. The original draft happened similar to the way things were done last year, and when the brands were split things shifted around. One thing done was that there was a drawing and whomever got picked was on that person’s show.

So if the WWE RAW GM picked a person at random from the WWE SmackDown Live roster, then that man or woman had to head to RAW. Then later on things shifted again with a yearly draft where shows would battle for a pick, which eventually included ECW. Whatever show that won would get a pick and a random person from the other show or shows would go to the winner’s brand. Sometimes people even went to different shows in the same night.

Obviously with the new brand split happening last year, a WWE Draft must come up again and of course, new rules would be added. These rules are seemingly very important to how things are set up, unlike before when things got a bit weird regarding champions and rivalries. Cageside Seats is reporting that the General Managers and Commissioners of each brand will have a reduced amount of picks they can use, which makes total sense.

Bobby Roode NXT Champ
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However, what is key to this is that they can also pick from the WWE NXT brand or their rival brand. It is undetermined if there is an actual pick made on their end, or if it is random at this point. The fact that NXT names are up for grabs means there may need to be a pick if an authority figure wants to go from there or from the rival brand.

Also, an important rule for this time as well is that champions on each brand cannot be picked. It is uncertain if this applies for NXT, but for both WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live, none of their champions can be picked in the draft. This is pretty significant as well as this makes sure the titles of the brand never leave. Most of the time, if a champion left it was no big deal. The other side would get a similar title back in some way.

However, the titles are not distinctive to the brand they are on now. The titles are now called the WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team or Women’s titles. Then you have the red look of the WWE Universal Title. If any of these newer titles switched brands, things may get a bit odd on the brand it goes to. That does not mean that top names contended for titles could not be moved, causing a bit of a problem.

Daniel Bryan Mick Foley
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For example, if Roman Reigns is set to go after the WWE Universal Title against the champion Seth Rollins at, let’s say, WWE SummerSlam, there is no real issue normally. However, if Reigns is drafted to the blue brand before this event yet the title match is already set up, Reigns could still win and take that title to WWE SmackDown Live. This is where some parody could come into play eventually if not this year it could in upcoming years.

Various men and women are rumored to be switching brands. Reports have AJ Styles and The Miz heading to WWE RAW, while Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Sasha Banks are all rumored for WWE SmackDown Live. While various names will probably switch brands or be called up, it can be assumed that the shows will even out.

It is also rumored that trades and contracts will be spoken of more in this time period too. This could make the WWE Draft even more interesting. If someone gets drafted to another show that one brand cannot afford to lose, trades would be terrific to see. The major issue comes in what could happen then, and why a trade would be needed to keep that person. If they were a champion, it would make sense. With champions not being available to draft, that means a top star would have to get moved in that situation. Regardless of how all of this plays out, fans will probably be into what happens in the WWE Draft this year.

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