Chris Brown Admits To Being A Stalker In Now-Deleted Instagram Video

Chris Brown’s documentary is about to be released, according to Hot New Hip Hop, although the “Loyal” singer has been saying that his documentary Welcome To My Life is about to come out for several months now.

Chris Brown took to Instagram in early December 2016 to announce his highly-anticipated documentary called Welcome To My Life, but when the documentary wasn’t released on time, the post was later deleted. The “Ayo” hitmaker had posted a lengthy trailer, in the caption to which he wrote that the documentary is “coming sooner than you think.”

“Team breezy I know y’all waiting! Coming sooner than you think! MOVIE ALERT!!!”

Chris Brown’s upcoming documentary is going to focus on the “Turn Up The Music” singer’s legal troubles and how he manages never to give up. In the trailer, such worldwide recognizable figures as singer Usher and former boxer Mike Tyson could be seen.

It’s expected that Usher and Tyson are far from the only celebrities to make cameos in Chris Brown’s upcoming documentary.

Just recently, the singer shared a piece of relationship advice on Instagram, according to BET.

Chris Brown gave his answer to Instagram’s meme post asking “What did your last relationship teach you?” Brown, whose list of ex-girlfriends includes Rihanna, Amber Rose, and Karrueche Tran, wrote “b*tches ain’t sh*t,” and added, “but I ain’t sh*t either.”

Although Chris Brown and Rihanna had a rather rocky relationship, they were an on and off couple for about six years, from 2007 through 2013. Their relationship took a turn for the worse when Brown allegedly assaulted the “Work” singer in 2009.

After the incident, Rihanna even filed a restraining order against Chris Brown. But a few years later, the duo reignited dating rumors again. In 2012, Rihanna hinted that she still had feelings for her ex, when she engaged in a Twitter falling out with the “Loyal” singer’s then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

That same year, Rihanna and Chris Brown released remixes of one another’s tracks. And then in early 2013, the two made headlines by stepping out for the Grammy Awards as an official couple. But their reignited passion didn’t last long, because the two called it quits in March 2013.

Metro reported that, in a trailer for his upcoming documentary, Chris Brown admitted that he even considered suicide after everything that happened with Rihanna.

“I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate. I was just getting high.”

Chris Brown raised some eyebrows recently when he posted a strange rant on Instagram, which has since been deleted. Metro reported that the rapper spoke about women who “complain” about men being “stalkers.” He then seemed to have no problem identifying as a stalker himself.

“If I love you b*tch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’m gonna make you miserable. I’m gonna chase that n***** out. I’m gonna chase yo a** around.”

Watch a copy of the video here, but be warned that it contains very strong language.

In other news, Chris Brown has opened a fashion boutique in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, according to Digital Music News. While many Twitter users are joking that Brown’s idea to open a fashion boutique in Amsterdam has something to do with marijuana, which is legal in The Netherlands, the store will actually focus on his Black Pyramid fashion line.

The new store, which is located at 101 Kalvertraat, will sell clothing items from Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid fashion line. The singer has been showcasing new items from his line via his social media accounts.

The opening day of the store started with an invite-only party to celebrate Chris Brown’s next step forward as a fashion designer.

It’s yet unclear how long will Chris Brown’s shop stay at that location in Amsterdam, but apparently Brown has huge plans for his fashion career as the Amsterdam invite stated that the shop in The Netherlands is just “the 1st stop” of the European Launch Tour.

It seems that Chris Brown is not interested in keeping himself limited to the music industry only. Instead, the “Loyal” singer views himself as a fashion designer that has the potential to be among biggest fashion designers of the modern era.

And really, Chris Brown’s fashion items have huge potential to become hits as R&B artists have had a huge impact on fashion, headphones, and fragrances.

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