Wii U’s First Owner Waited Outside Nintendo Store For 26 Days

So, did you grab your Wii U Sunday? Have to wait long? However long it was, I bet your wait had nothing on that of Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson.

Triforce, as he prefers to be called, began lining up for his Wii U outside Manhattan’s Nintendo World Store on October 22, a full 26 days before the console was set to release. He announced the start of his marathon wait on Twitter, though was rudely interrupted by the small matter of superstorm Sandy.

After two days of subway closures caused by the storm, Triforce was back in front of the Nintendo Store, having shrugged off the post-Sandy chaos and walked the three hours from Crown Heights to his spot in Manhattan.

At midnight on November 18, he got his reward, stepping into the Nintendo World Store to buy the first Wii U released in North America, fresh from the hands of Nintendo bigwig Reggie Fils-Aime (above).

Johnson is no stranger to epic queuing. Indeed, as Polygon notes, the Wii U is the eighth games console he has been front of line for. His first love, if his name hasn’t already given it away, is Nintendo.

Talking later to Polygon‘s Chris Plante about the sights he saw while in a previous queue, Triforce recalls a mob of fans waiting for Korean rapper Psy, he of Gangnam Style fame:

“Everybody of every race, of every size, creed, color – they were all here. If they were here for that one time, for a song they can hear on the radio for free, what’s wrong with me waiting for a system I can play for the rest of my life? To each his own.”

Hear hear, my good fellow. Now enjoy that Wii U.