Here's Why Kardashians Hated Chyna. How Will Rob Kardashian Cope After Split?

After Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian teamed up, the public was left counting the moments that made them one of the most surprising couples in the year of 2016. Rob was a hidden figure from the public eye because of his apparent psychological problems due to being overweight. After that, in the middle of the past year, he was hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. This was the only news that reached the public's ears for many months until now.

The couple's relationship has been the subject of many conversations, especially after it was learned that the star drove to Austin to pick up his girlfriend 20 hours after being arrested for public intoxication and possession of illicit substances.

He retired to the safety of his home and stayed there until recently. At the end of January, his tattooed arm appeared in an unexpected place: a Chyna Instagram selfie. He marked it "the beginning" as the photo legend depicted his romance, one that would soon be attacked by the Kardashians.

To begin with, her family knew Chyna in another capacity. Chyna was engaged to Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. Although later separated, Chyna and Tyga also have a son together, King Cairo Stevenson, who is three years of age. Given her proximity to Rob and the rest of the Kardashians, Chyna started growing closer with Rob Kardashian and even though the two were just friends, the two couldn't help but ignite that friendship with the flame of intimacy. It was eventually time that Rob and Chyna decided to flare up their romantic bond and finally make it public. According to certain sources, it has been reported that Rob has always thought that Chyna was hot.

Although Tyga remains neutral about his ex's new romance, he told the paparazzi that everyone deserves to be happy. Kylie, for her part, has not paid attention to the subject. It is quite apparent that Rob's mother, Kris Jenner, does not want to give Chyna the attention she obviously demands. The Kardashians haven't been taking the relationship between Rob and Chyna well lately and it seems more so that they are suspicious of Chyna as an untrustworthy romantic candidate.

The Kardashian sisters are absolutely livid about the relationship. They not only are unsupportive, but rather detest Rob's new intimate partner. More so, Chyna has not made it easy for herself to get approved by the Kardashians either. Days after the news of the relationship hit the internet, it was learned that Chyna was arrested in Texas for intoxication and possession of ecstasy pills. After hearing the terrible news, Rob Kardashian rushed from California to Austin in his car on a 21-hour drive to pick Chyna up. Judging by the face of it, Rob was apparently very fond of his new girlfriend and felt protective of her. Some sources claimed Rob saying that Chyna makes him feel good and sexy and also gives him a lot of sexual attention.

Rob Kardashian has also claimed that Chyna has helped him recover from his psychological misery. While Rob hit the gym, Chyna always accompanied him and applauded his efforts. Apparently, she also documented Rob's progress on social networks and when the public passed criticisms, she defended Rob and herself. According to one confidant's account, "She wants the family to see that she is good to Rob and that she cares. She is aware that being arrested was not the best thing, but the crime happens and if they can not accept it, so be it." Therefore, it becomes quite clear that Chyna won't stick around for long if her efforts aren't recognized and are only taken for granted, which is precisely what has happened.

Given a dramatic turn of events and the recent split of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, the latter is seen to be giving in to his old habits again. Unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle have taken hold of Rob all over again. A source reported that he currently is unhealthy both physically and emotionally. He has given up exercising and eats junk all the time. Now given the fact that the poor guy has already been diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes along with his poor mental condition, the Kardashians very well know that Rob is not in a condition to take care of his daughter Dream without Chyna. Let's see how things pan out for Rob Kardashian.

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