‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liv’s Plans For Griffin, Nikolas Cassadine Recast?

General Hospital spoilers hint what Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) has in store for Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) and it involves the secret lab in the basement. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) is preparing for a custody battle to make sure she keeps her daughter Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) and it seems that someone would lure Nina (Michelle Stafford) to change sides. There have been prior rumors of Nikolas Cassadine’s return in Port Charles but Tyler Christopher will not be back to play the role.

Duke’s Resurrection

If there’s one thing Liv is after, it is revenge and restoring something she lost -Duke. The mob lady who made her way to Port Charles to threaten almost every citizen had a specific goal in mind. General Hospital spoilers reveal she is not just planning to get back at Julian. She also wants to bring Duke back to life. Helena Cassadine’s secret lab in the hospital’s basement would be of good use to her. This lab is the main reason she wanted GH to close down and what she plans to do involves Duke.

Spoilers for Tuesday, March 7, indicate Liv will go from a devious mob lady to a mad scientist. Griffin Munro who has no inkling that he is dealing with none other than his father’s stalker is in big trouble. General Hospital spoilers reveal Julian is still unconscious and Anna wants to know where her enemy is lurking. Although no one knows Liv already kidnapped Robin Scorpio, Anna will try to slap him awake. Julian is still in the dark about the lab and he has no idea where his sister’s lair is. The rest of Julian’s family is rounded up to make sure Liv couldn’t harm them. While Julian is under much pressure to spill everything he knows about his sister, GH spoilers suggest Liv will be busy in Helena’s lab.

General Hospital spoilers indicate Liv will try to force Robin to use the machines in the lab to magically transform Griffin into Duke. Shirtless and tied to a gurney, Griffin will get chills when he hears what Liv has in store for him. Liv would make Griffin even more terrified when she goes into detail how they will live their lives together. General Hospital spoilers confirmed Duke is dead and will remain so but it seems Liv had some creative plans to resurrect her long lost love through Griffin.

Nina’s Dilemma

General Hospital spoilers hint Liv will not be the only one heating things up in Port Charles. The custody battle is going to be exciting too and Valentin’s shot in keeping his daughter lies in the hands of his wife Nina. Nina has serious doubts if she can trust her husband but she knows her appearance in court could determine if Valentin gets Charlotte’s custody or not. Valentin’s lawyer Nora Buchanan will tell him Nina’s appearance will help his case as it will prove he has a stable family. Meanwhile, Nina will get an offer from Laura which would be hard to refuse. Laura doesn’t want Valentin’s involvement in Lulu or Charlotte’s life and if Nina does her part, she gets to keep Charlotte.

Nikolas Cassadine Recast

Given the current plot developments in General Hospital, there is a need for Nilas Cassadine’s reappearance. Tyler Christopher who has always been a fan favorite played the part until contract negotiations fell through and the actor was let go. Valentin Cassadine’s past and the upcoming story line about Jake Webber is bound to pick up by next week based on GH spoilers. Since there are plans to bring back Spencer Cassadine in May according to Nathan Varni, Nikolas might also return by then.

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To the disappointment of his fans, Tyler Christopher confirmed in a Tweet that he is off General Hospital for good. The actor will also be moving from Los Angeles to Nashville. There have been prior rumors of Nikolas Cassadine’s return and many soap opera followers had Tyler Christopher in mind but a recast would be necessary if the actor sticks to his plans. General Hospital spoilers for the May sweeps would be available soon and it could hint if Nikolas Cassadine’s recast gets a green light.

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