Who Is 'Southern Charm' Whitney Sudler-Smith's Latest Love? For Real Or For TV?

Amy Feinstein

While on Southern Charm, Whitney Sudler-Smith, 49, might not be a full-time cast member, he is still behind the scenes as "friend of Southern Charm" and the show's executive producer. In the last two seasons, Whitney had his Austrian girlfriend, Larissa Marolt, 24 on the show. They seemed to see each other now and then, but that relationship is now in the past. Whitney seemed to move quickly to a new plus one, British model, Eliza Cummings, 26, who has been connected to many of Europe's rich and famous. But fans and those connected to the show are asking if it is the real thing or a "for show" relationship.

On Southern Charm, the only people fans haven't really seen date on show are creator, Whitney Sudler-Smith and Landon Clements, says the Inquisitr, but that might change this season. The first season, whether he wants to admit it or not, Whitney was enamored with Kathryn Dennis and gushed about her "breeding" as if she were a prize pony. After that, Whitney introduced a storyline for himself where he had a long distance foreign girlfriend, and that role was filled by Austrian celeb Larissa Marolt, a bisexual spokesmodel who appeared on the German version of Dancing With the Stars. But now, Whitney, who has been hobnobbing around Europe more than he crashes in Charleston, has been seeing Eliza Cummings, who in the past had been the live-in partner of Nat Rothschild.

"She makes cameo appearances on the show."


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Eliza Cummings will make on Southern Charm, but you can see more of her on her Instagram page, @ladyelizacummings. Check it out, but beware, some of the photos are a bit above a PG-13 rating.

"I am very vocal. There are so many handsome men, but the most beautiful are bored me."
"It's not easy to find the right partner who has enough tolerance, because I am constantly on the road for shows."
"The relationship has not worked for quite some time, but Larissa is both professional and private."
"How much is Whitney paying this girl to be his beard this season?"

"Whitney is trash. Larissa's contract was up as his beard slash girlfriend. TRAAAAASH."

"Whitney is trash. Larissa's contract was up as his beard slash girlfriend. TRAAAAASH."

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