Police Officer Pulls Over Pregnant Woman, Speeding Mom-To-Be Gives Birth On Side Of The Road

A pregnant female in Quinte, Ontario was pulled over for speeding on Sunday morning, and, before the police officer could write a ticket, the mom gave birth.

According to the Quinte News:

“A Belleville police officer stopped a woman for speeding on North Front Street, at about 4:30 this morning.”

The mom-to-be was only speeding because she was close to delivering her baby.

After being pulled over, the Stirling woman exited her vehicle and delivered a healthy and happy baby son on the side of the road.

The birth happened just outside of a Metro grocery store.

Instead of writing a ticket, the police officer helped deliver the woman’s son.

The mom and her newborn were eventually transported to a local hospital. Both the mom and baby are said to be doing fine.

The child was named Dakota.

This isn’t the only crazy birth story we have reported on in the last few weeks. One New York City resident gave birth during Hurricane Sandy. The NYC woman was given an epidural by the light of a cell phone.

Speeding to the hospital is a great way to make sure you don’t deliver your baby on the side of the road; unfortunately, it is also dangerous and might in fact lead to a roadside delivery.

Would you have continued driving to the hospital despite police lights and sirens, or would you have quickly reasoned with the officer in the hopes they would provide a speedy escort to the maternity ward?