'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry's Baby Daddy Revealed? Shocking New Clues Emerge

Kailyn Lowry is keeping the identity of her new baby daddy tightly under wraps – but new clues offer a hint at who the father might be. In Touch Weekly reports that Lowry's friend Chris Lopez might be the father of her third kid.

Lowry and Lopez exchanged cryptic messages on social media that hint he is expecting a kid.

In January, Lopez told fans on Twitter, "To my miracle child, I'm so sorry."

The Teen Mom 2 star was the only person who liked the tweet, leaving everyone wondering if the "miracle child" is hers.

A few weeks later, the friends went back and forth about a bet Lopez apparently won.

"I won that bet," he wrote, later adding, "Well, technically, we both called it."

Lowry replied by saying, "Are you [for real]."

There's no telling what the bet was about, but fans are speculating that it had something to do with Lowry's pregnancy.

Lopez recently poked fun at the rumors on social media, yet Lowry hasn't come forward to deny anything. Instead, the Teen Mom 2 star has remained silent about the identity of baby's father and admitted that she's "not ready to talk about that yet."

Lowry's publicist, Casi Densmore-Koon, told Radar Online that the father is a close friend of Lowry and that they briefly dated. Densmore-Koon added that Lowry chose to have the baby and that she is completely happy with having another kid. Lowry is expected to give birth sometime this summer.

"The father is a friend Kail was briefly dating," Densmore-Koon explained. "This was Kail's choice and she is 100 percent happy. Kail can't wait to welcome the new addition to her family this summer."

This doesn't confirm that Lopez is the father, but it certainly places him in the running. Other likely candidates include Tyler Hill and JC Cueva.

According to Hollywood Life, Densmore-Koon didn't reveal whether Kailyn Lowry and the mystery man are still dating or if they have since parted ways. It's also unclear if the father will be an active parent in the child's life.

Until more information is revealed, Lowry is focusing on her career and finishing up college.

"While Kail is focusing on her new book Heart & Hustle and her upcoming book signings, she will still graduate in May," the rep shared.

Just like her previous two births, Lowry isn't going to find out the gender of the baby beforehand. Although the pregnancy announcement has created a lot of drama, Lowry is thankful for the support she's received from fans and requested that everyone respect her privacy.

Lowry confirmed the pregnancy rumors on her blog after weeks of speculation. Lowry's third baby, unfortunately, comes at a difficult time for the reality star. Not only is Lowry still dealing with her divorce from Javi Marroquin, but her last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She also didn't inform Marroquin about the baby ahead of her big announcement.

To make matters worse, Lowry and Marroquin's marriage ended over the issue of having more kids. Marroquin wanted to try and have another baby after the miscarriage while Lowry said she was done having kids. There's no telling how bad their divorce will get now that Lowry is having a baby, but Marroquin hasn't reacted positively to the news.

Just this past week, the Teen Mom stars have battled it out on social media and in the courtroom. Once Lowry finally comes clean about the identity of the father, there's no telling how Marroquin will react.

Fans can watch all the drama unfold when new episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Monday nights on MTV.

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