Chrissy Metz Has High Hopes To Join Reality Show: Which One Does She Want To Do?

The fans of This Is Us love Chrissy Metz. On the show, she is trying to lose some weight, and her character even went to a camp to try to take some it off. E! Online is sharing that Chrissy Metz has high hopes that she can join a certain reality show someday. Now that she is in the spotlight, any show would want her to join them. What show does Chrissy Metz want to join?

It turns out that Chrissy Metz thinks that joining the cast of The Biggest Loser would be a great way for her to lose some weight. Other celebrities have done this show in the past, and there was even talk about Rob Kardashian joining in the future. In a recent interview, Chrissy talked about being an emotional eater and more.
"I eat my feelings—when I'm happy, when I'm sad. When you do put the food down and those feelings come up, you're not being numbed anymore. You're like, 'I got to deal with this.' That is hard. If I'm upset or I have to confront somebody, I'm like, 'This feels really icky. Let me have a burrito.' I believe that if we haven't learned our lessons, they will continue to come and circle back around. Obviously I haven't figured it out with food."
Chrissy Metz shared that she does want to lose weight, but not because anyone told her to do it. Chrissy actually wants to do it for herself instead. She shared that worrying about numbers is hard for her and messes with her, so she doesn't want to do that at all. She shared that she just wants a different body shape and doesn't want to hold all of her weight in her stomach anymore. Chrissy thinks a reality show might be the way to do it.
Metz went on to say that there was a misunderstanding that she was required to lose weight. She said, "Nothing is mandated. It's not like, 'If you sign this contract you have to do this.' We haven't even talked about an actual number with Kate. Ever." Chrissy has tried past diets, including Weight Watchers and also exercise and it just hasn't worked. She said, "I would love to go on The Biggest Loser, where it's a concentrated thing."

Things are going great for Chrissy Metz right now. She has a new boyfriend that she met on the set of the show. People shared that her boyfriend actually offered to work on a different show so that they could make sure that their relationship would work. She is dating Josh Stancil, who works as a cameraman on the show. It took about a month of him being on the show before they started dating. Chrissy shared saying it was "very unexpected. My priority was my job and I was not trying to blow my big shot. Josh even offered to go work on another show." Lucky for them, it wasn't an issue, and Chrissy and Josh are doing great now.

What do you think of Chrissy Metz wanting to join The Biggest Loser? Do you think she would be a good addition to the cast? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of This Is Us when they air on Tuesday nights on NBC. There are only two more episodes of This Is Us left this season. The show has already been renewed.

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