'Dancing With The Stars' Couple Say They Have A Huge Advantage During Season 24

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 is set to debut later this month, and now that fans know the entire cast list, there has been some talk about certain couples having an unfair advantage.

According to E! Online, Dancing with the Stars Season 24 is one of the most star-studded seasons in recent history. The cast has officially been announced and will include Heather Morris, Nancy Kerrigan, Simone Biles, Charo, Mr. T, The Bachelor's Nick Viall, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star ErikaJayne, David Ross, Rashad Jennings, Chris Kattan, rodeo star Bonner Bolton, and Normani Kordei from Fifth Harmony.

While Nancy Kerrigan and Simone Biles may have a bit of a leg up over their competition, as they are both medal-winning Olympians in figure skating and gymnastics, there is someone else who could steal the show. Former Glee star Heather Morris is said to have a huge advantage over her fellow cast members as she is a former professional dancer, who has even danced back up for the one and only Beyonce. In fact, Heather landed the role on Glee when she was hired to teach cast members Beyonce's signature Single Ladies dance.

Morris has been partnered with the returning pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy for Dancing with the Stars Season 24. When asked if Heather Morris' dance background gives the couple an advantage, Maks revealed that he certainly hopes so.

"I'll take whatever I can get," Chmerkovskiy said."It's a hard show. It's a difficult production. It's going to be non-stop, full-on. I'm excited for Heather to add this to her repertoire. To say that we just have this massive advantage, I think so, but I don't think we're the only ones that could pull off beautiful, beautiful numbers. I'm ready for us to be scrutinized a little different and judged a little different and rightfully so, we'll do our best."

Meanwhile, Heather Morris says that despite her dancing background, she is very nervous about competing on Dancing with the Stars. Heather says that while she's used to dancing in front of crowds, she is not used to doing in on live television.

"I'm nervous about the live audience…I'm just not totally used to it," the former Glee star admitted.

Since her time on Glee, Heather Morris has welcomed two children with her husband, Taylor Hubbell. The actress had her first child, Elijah, in 2013, and little Owen joined the family in 2016. Now, much like Maks and his fiance, Peta Murgatroyd, who recently welcomed their first child together and has been partnered with Nick Viall, Heather is ready to get back out there.

While Heather Morris could, in fact, have an advantage during her Dancing with the Stars run, she is not the first contestant to be in this situation. In the past, many DWTS favorites have come from dancing backgrounds and fared very well on the show. Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, Joey McIntyre, Nick Carter, Jennifer Grey, and Nicole Scherzinger all had a bit of an advantage using their dance backgrounds.

However, Heather Morris, Nancy Kerrigan, and Simone Biles won't be the only ones to watch. Dancing with the Stars fans are already excited to see how the other contestants such as Mr. T, Charo, Nick Viall, and Erika Jayne, who are expected to be crowd favorites during Season 24, will do during their ballroom experience.

What are your thoughts about Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy having an unfair advantage during DWTS Season 24? Are you excited to see what the Glee star can do in the ballroom?

Dancing with the Stars Season 24 premieres March 20.

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]