Tarek El Moussa Was In Rehab Before His Big 'Flip Or Flop' Divorce

Tarek El Moussa's marriage is over, and now more details keep coming out about what was going on with his life. The Flip or Flop star was actually in rehab for a bit, but it was an out-patient clinic that he was going to. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what was going on with Tarek before his divorce.

Tarek El Moussa was actually there for anger issues and also for drinking. A source revealed that Tarek did this shortly after his big argument with Christina in hopes that it could end up saving his marriage. Obviously, that didn't work for him. Christina and Tarek had a huge fight where the police were called to their home, and he actually left the house with one of his guns. The source spoke out saying, "He drank and was verbally abusive to Christina, so he needed to take care of his issues. Christina said he needed to get his temper under control."
An eyewitness went on to say that Teresa and Christina got into a fight over the bill from this facility that ended up being $40,000. The insider said that Tarek has been telling people that he doesn't drink anymore. It wasn't enough to fix his marriage, but obviously, it is great that he is doing well. The source went on to share more.
"The rehab definitely brought him back to life. Christina said he did it to try to win her back, to show her that he was changing, but at that point, she was already done with him."
In Touch Weekly did reach out to Tarek and Christina El Moussa both to get a statement about this, but neither one of them would give a statement. Tarek will actually be on an episode of The Doctors that will air today, and this would be the perfect time for him to come clean about it all. If Tarek is going to talk about it, then it will probably be on the show, but there aren't any spoilers out yet.

Now Tarek El Moussa is blocking people on his social networks if they are critical of him. The source also went on to say, "They're trying to squeeze every last drop out of the franchise." Another source said, "They are absolutely faking it — they've been lying to the public since their split."

ET Online did share that on The Doctors today Tarek El Moussa will talk about why his marriage didn't work out. They were married for seven years. Tarek will explain that a lot of their issue was poor communication. Tarek feels like if they had talked to each other better, they would have had a better chance of their marriage working. Tarek also says that working long nights, his cancer and also back surgery were hard on their marriage. He shared that for the first time he feels really good. Tarek went on to explain more.

"I would be lying if I said it was easy. But like anything, there's ups and downs and you have challenges, but at the end of the day, we're just normal people. What's most important is the family and the kids. It's really important that we stay positive."
Are you shocked to hear that Tarek El Moussa allegedly went to rehab for anger and drinking issues? Do you think that their show Flip or Flop will continue now that they are over? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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