Is Donald Trump Dead Or Impeached On 'Last Man On Earth?' [Spoilers]

When watching the news, or a political talk show, you imagine that there will be some talk of Trump, or other political figures, but generally, when watching a sitcom, it's rare to hear a sitting president mentioned, and certainly not in the past tense, as in, someone alive in real life is dead. So picture the surprise of millions of people last night, watching Last Man on Earth, a Fox show that takes place in the not so distant future, where the Trump administration is wiped out.

If Donald Trump is impeached or dies in office, the man to take his place would be VP Mike Pence, who comes with his own philosophies that many people, particularly on the left, don't like, says the Inquisitr. There is a line of succession that was actually examined on Last Man on Earth last night. Pence comes from a very religious background, and so he has issues with homosexuals and is behind the elimination of bathroom protection of transgender high school children.

Last night on the Fox show, Last Man on Earth, (a comedy by SNL alum Will Forte), a show that takes place in 2020 after a mystery virus has wiped out nearly everyone on earth, a new survivor (Kristen Wiig) is discovered just before her own family is wiped out. As she is watching television, a newscaster is mentioning the line of succession in the White House, and recalling that they are all dead.


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However, when speaking of presidents, the first one they are speaking of as deceased is President Mike Pence. They never even mention Donald Trump as an aside, which has viewers wondering, the Last Man on Earth narrative, what happened to Donald Trump? Was Trump impeached? Is Donald Trump dead?

"Following Pence's Last Man death, Paul Ryan becomes the president and, after he, too, is killed by the virus, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos all follow him as the leader of the free world — and in death themselves."

If you watch the show Last Man on Earth, you know that wealth and success don't mean you are safe, and the survivors seem to be random, says Vanity Fair. The first Last Man on Earth, played by creator Will Forte, travels around the country, trying to find out if anyone else survived. He stays in homes of deceased celebrities, and even the White House.

When Kristen Wiig watches the news, they are talking about Mike Pence and his death.

"Michael Richard Pence, 46th president of the United States."

And also dead, Paul Davis Ryan Jr., Rex Wayne Tillerson, Steven Terner Mnuchin, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, and Betsy DeVos. But the order on Last Man on Earth wasn't exactly right, as it should have included Orrin Hatch and James Mattis, but as VF says, at it's core, it is fiction.

But the episode of Last Man on Earth then leans heavily on what was not said, and who was not mentioned, and that is the elephant in the room, Donald Trump. VF asks the questions but does not have the answers.

"So: Did Donald Trump resign as president? Was he impeached? Did he explode in a fit of pique after a brave miller's daughter dared to address him by his true name?"

Vanity Fair reached out to Fox, ironically, one of the news agencies that Trump likes, but got no answer about what happened to Donald Trump in the story that is Last Man on Earth.

Did you watch Last Man on Earth last night? Did you assume President Trump was dead, or did you think by not mentioning him, Trump must have been impeached?

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