‘Naked And Afraid’ Returns With Changes And Surprises

Naked and Afraid is back for a seventh season and it is being hailed one of the most intense yet. The premise of the show has drawn interest from survivalists around the country. Men and women who have learned to live off the land want to take part in this extreme challenge, and each season the applications are plentiful. Naked and Afraid is one of the most unique television shows out there because you get to watch what happens in 21 days over the course of an hour.

Yesterday marked the return of Naked and Afraid on the Discovery channel. The season premiere was intense and began with two strangers being dropped off in Belize for a 21-day stay with only one item and a canvas bag. There was much talk about the naked idea when the show first came out, and while it seems a little weird, many of the contestants pay no attention to the opposite sex while trying to survive with one another. According to People, the Naked and Afraid contestants from the season premiere weren’t even phased by the other person and their lack of clothing. It was a very non-sexual thing, and going to the show, they know this is a huge part of what is being asked of them.

There have been a lot of questions about why people would want to be on Naked and Afraid knowing what they know now and seeing how it has ended for some of the previous contestants. Aside from the bragging rights the contestants get, they are also rewarded with a cash prize of $5,000 after completion. Many of the people who have participated on Naked and Afraid did it to prove to themselves they can survive nearly anywhere. The locations for each episode vary from show to show and the Season 7 premiere presented the players with a trip to Belize.

Despite changes that have been made for the seventh season, Naked and Afraid is still based on the same premise as always. As the season progresses, you will notice things that have been altered. Some of the contestants have talked about it as well. Because the episodes are taped in advance, many of the participants have been on social media to discuss the show and in certain instances, what has happened to them. One story in particular this season stood out about a pro surfer who was viciously attacked by sandflies during her attempt to survive Naked and Afraid. Anastasia Ashley had her entire body was filled with bites. Although she made a bikini from duct tape for herself, it wasn’t enough to ward off these bugs.

Watching Naked and Afraid with young children may cause them some upset, so it isn’t recommended. Some of the footage shown is gruesome and scary, but it is indicative of what the two contestants lived through. There have been some participants that have had to be medically removed from their stay because of various things, which has added to precautions taken by the show. Each episode features a different place, though some have been repeated throughout the various seasons. Fending for food, fighting off wildlife, and trying to find safe drinking water are some of the things the contestants have to do to survive three weeks in an unfamiliar and uninhabited place. From jungles to swamps, the people who have made it to the end have a great amount of skill and determination. Nothing about appearing on Naked and Afraid is easy, and each player who attempts this journey is braver than most when it comes to being naked and dependent on a stranger.

[Featured Image by Naked and Afraid/Twitter]