Does New Photo Predict April The Giraffe’s Baby’s Birth? Watch Live Cam [Video]

April the giraffe is still pregnant, and people are still watching and waiting. Many hope that today will be the day — or at least this will be the week — that puts an end to what’s been dubbed hashtag giraffe watch (#giraffewatch) live streaming from April’s home at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP).

A new photo making the rounds is sparking superstitious belief, and many think it’s a sign or an omen from beyond that April’s calf is soon to make his or her grand debut. While there are many physical signs and symptoms of labor to watch for, many noticed that something eerily appeared in April’s bedding, and the photo has sparked a discussion that it’s a message from beyond. You can see the live giraffe cam and other videos from the AAP, as well as the photo from April the Giraffe’s stall, below.