Shawn Mendes Got His Butt Grabbed By Katy Perry, Was It Sexist? [Video]

Katy Perry wasn't afraid to show a little affection for Shawn Mendes at the iHeartRadio Music awards on March 5, grabbing the singer's butt on the red carpet despite having never met the 18-year-old before.

The touchy feely moment went down on the red carpet of the music award show during an interview with Mendes that was being live streamed across the globe, where Perry could be seen lurking in the background before Shawn proclaimed during the interview, "Someone's touching my butt!" before seemingly pointing out the interaction was a little sexist.

Katy can be seen staring down Mendes in the clip taken from the iHeartRadio Music Award's official red carpet live stream, before Mendes then turns to see who was touching him as Perry quickly scurries away.

"Someone's touching my butt," Shawn told the hosts in the iHeartMusic Awards red carpet interview as Perry lurked behind him. "Oh, sorry! It was Katy Perry who was touching my butt! I should've turned around."

Mendes then seemed pretty distracted following his run in with Katy on the red carpet, admitting that he is actually a "huge" fan of Perry's but had never met her before she touched him pretty inappropriately.

Shawn was then encouraged to return the favor by the red carpet hosts, though Mendes was quick to point out that he "cannot" touch Perry's butt by hinting that the grab was a little sexist.

"What if you grabbed her butt though?," Mendes was asked of Perry during the live streamed red carpet interview, before Mendes hit back, "No I cannot do that. That's not a game."

Shawn fan @BestShawn2 uploaded footage of the moment Shawn had his butt grabbed by Katy on the Twitter, joking about Perry's touchy feely interaction with the "Treat You Better" singer on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet that left Mendes feeling a little distracted and looking a little flushed.

"While Shawn was being interviewed @katyperry touched Shawn's a** I'm literally dying #iHeartAwards," the Mendes fan joked alongside footage of Perry's butt grabbing moment.

Shawn Mendes had his butt touched by Katy Perry during an awkward 2017 iHeartMusicAwards moment
[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Katy Perry reportedly then continued to gush over Shawn Mendes after grabbing his butt on the red carpet at the big music award show, allegedly jokingly asking if she could start dating the "Stitches" singer, who turned 18-years-old last year, during a later interview when asked about Mendes at the event.

Shawn and Katy's fans were quick to comment on Perry's butt grabbing on social media, throwing in their two cents after Katy got a little too touchy-feely with Mendes on the red carpet with some polarizing opinions regarding the butt-grabbing incident.

"I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING WHEN KATY TOUCHED SHAWN'S BUTT AND SHAWN SAID HES A KATYCAT," one fan commented after Katy, who E! News reported opened the iHeartMusic Awards with a performance of her new single "Chained to the Rhythm," copped a feel of Shawn's butt on the red carpet.

Other fans even speculated that Perry may be crushing on Mendes following their red carpet interaction, which came just days after Katy announced that she had split from boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry touched Shawn Mendes' butt on the red carpet
[Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]

"I'm starting to think Katy grabbed Shawn's butt on purpose," @H0NESTMENDESS speculated, while @pancakesmuffins added of Mendes' red carpet interaction with the "Rise" singer, "I think Katy is majorly crushing on Shawn... I mean first touching his butt and now this..."

But while some fans joked about Perry's interaction with Mendes, others pointed out that Katy's act was a little appropriate due to the twosome's age difference and the likely sexist uproar that would come if the red carpet interaction had been the other way around.

"Shawn is such a gentleman, the way he responded when the interviewer said he should touch Perry's butt. I'm so happy I stan him," Mendes fan @singermendes wrote after seeing the butt grabbing moment play out live online, also seemingly hinting that the moment was sexist on Katy's part.

"Mad at Katy Perry for checking out Shawn and touching his butt like he's 14 years younger than you back off," Twitter user @_a_puppy wrote of Shawn and Katy's incident.

What do you think of Katy Perry grabbing Shawn Mendes' butt on the iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet? Was it funny and innocent or inappropriate for the award show?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia and Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]