'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jake's Time With Helena Will Finally Be Explored

One particular General Hospital story line has been put on the back burner for a while now, but it looks like the writers have decided to finally bring it back to the forefront. Little Jake Spencer had returned to his mother's arms after everyone thought he had been killed in a terrible hit and run car accident. He was actually alive and well living with Port Charles' infamous villain, Helena Cassadine. What really happened on Cassadine Island when Jake was being held there?

Viewers may have been surprised this week on General Hospital when Jake mentioned Helena to Franco as they were talking about Sam Morgan and her new baby girl. They almost died and when the boy heard about it, he mentioned the curse that Helena put on Sam right before she supposedly passed away. It looks like that was just a hint of things to come as spoilers coming from Soap Central says that he will start remembering some things about his time away from his family.

What does Jake remember so far? On Friday's episode of General Hospital, he was worried about his step-mom. He told Franco that he was so mean to her last year and then he mentioned the curse. In fact, Helena had told Jake that if she dies, then bad things would always happen to Sam. That is certainly not a nice thing to be sharing with a young child. No wonder that boy was a little messed up when he came back to Port Charles.

Everyone witnessed Helena's curse to Sam Morgan as her health was deteriorating back in 2015. Sam was angry and started spewing out that no one ever loved Helena, which is why her family ran the opposite direction to get away from her. That is when the Cassadine matriarch decided to punish Sam.

"I curse you Samantha Morgan. You, those who begot you, and those you begat, and all those who touch you. You and yours will never know happiness in this life, nor any other!"
Now it seems that every time Sam finds happiness, something happens to spoil it, such as her baby girl's life being in danger when she met up with Olivia Jerome and being thrown off the bridge. There is also a major spoiler coming up for Thursday from Soaps She Knows that says Jason and Sam will receive some kind of bad news. This will most likely be about the newborn daughter. Is something wrong with baby Scout? Is this all a part of Helena's curse?

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General Hospital will continue to explore Jake's past on Cassadine Island these next few weeks. He is expected to start having more memories coming up that will concern Elizabeth and Franco. There are so many questions that need to be answered that have basically been dropped since last year. Now that Jake is having troubling memories, Liz and Franco will be teaming up with Jason and Sam to help the little guy.

Jason will not be happy that his ex has let Franco into her life and will especially be upset that he is so much into Jake's life as well. Jason and Franco will be butting heads on General Hospital when it comes to Jake, which may just make things even worse.

What really happened to him on Cassadine Island? There was expected to be a little girl that was also on the island that Jake spent time with. Her name was supposed to be Athena and some speculations had said that she was Lulu Falconeri's daughter. However, Charlotte turned out to be her child instead. But then again, maybe the two are connected somehow.

What do you think happened to Jake while he was with Helena? Could Charlotte actually be the little girl he spent time with or is there another child living on the island? Stay tuned to General Hospital these coming weeks for more on this storyline.

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