Maisie Gillespie Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction While Partying

Maisie Gillespie suffers a wardrobe malfunction as she steps out in Liverpool for a night out. She is showing lots and lots of flesh in her skintight black mini-dress allowing her perky cleavage to be put on display. While posing in front of the photographers, Maisie suffers a wardrobe malfunction as one of the thin delicate straps of her halter dress snapped.

Maisie Gillespie appears unperturbed after flashing her boobs

She is flashing some serious amount of skin for a night out last Saturday. Dressed in a risqué number, the 21-year-old looked stunning as she carried herself well. While pouting and preening in front of the photographers, Maisie suffers a wardrobe malfunction as one of the delicate straps snapped, which put her boob on display as she opted to go braless for the party.

The Ex On The Beach star wore a halterneck strap on her black sequined-embellished gown. It is more or less the same as what Kendall Jenner wore on her 21st birthday: a silver cleavage-baring ensemble with her bust up front and center. Back to Maisie, the dress features a sequin chain choker which complemented well with her dramatic makeup. The reality star had her blonde tresses pulled back to highlight her shimmering red eyeshadow and glossy nude lippy. The gown's mini length allows Gillespie to show off her well-tanned and lithe legs. Her sideboob was also caught on camera as she pivoted around to flaunt the glitzy gown. Aaron Chalmer's former lover completed her look with edgy ankle-strap stilettos.

Maisie Gillespie wardrobe malfunction
[Image by Rachel Murray /Getty Images]

However, Maisie flashed a little more than she bargained for as one of her halterneck straps snapped and she appeared unperturbed as she immediately fixed the straps. Talk about class!

Dealing with trolls online

Before Maisie Gillespie suffered a wardrobe malfunction during that night out, the politics student has been busy fighting back against her trolls on her social media account. Maisie studied at Cardiff University taking up journalism and politics before being cast as one of the original members for the sixth season of MTV's Ex On The Beach. Known for her vulgar photos and strong language, the Cardiff student didn't last long on the show but that doesn't mean she left without a huge following behind her.She teased her fans daily with sexy photos of her wearing barely-there lingerie and even going topless in some snaps.

Her favorite placed to strip down is through her Snapchat account. One of her recent snaps showed a provocative Maisie wearing only her undies and covering her full bust with her hands. The caption read, "Nothing to wear to work thoo."

The blonde beauty then posted a second raunchy snapshot—this time showing off her hairstyle while going topless again.

Maisie recently tweeted to her critics, "F*** me the trolls are on one tonight on my Insta how about you spend your time actually doing something productive?!"

Maisie Gillespie wardrobe malfunction
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In reply to her comment, one basher then posted a picture of her and a character from the 2004 movie Shrek 2 and wrote, "That Maisie lassie from looks like the ugly stepsister fae Shrek."

The bombshell lashed out her response, seemingly unfazed and said, "taraaaa… Mate ok. This is kinda funny. But been used 10000 times before. Get a new joke yeah?"

The TV personality previously opened up to OK! Online about dealing with criticisms and admitted that even her mom would go online to defend her from the bashers.

"She'll get on her laptop and tweet people who are being horrible to me-some guy was mean to my and my mum just retweeted him like 'f*** off simon you t**t! But I don't want her getting involved, I don't want to bring her into this," Maisie said.

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