Cyndi Lauper's Mother Feared Cyndi Would Go To Hell

Cyndi Lauper was glad that Madonna turned up at January's Women's March, but she doesn't think that the singer did a good job of getting her point across, according to Fox News.

Madonna's speech was clearly an impassioned one, full of profanities and anger, which Lauper said wasn't quite as effective as Scarlett Johansson's "eloquent" speech.
"I was glad that [Madonna] went. I think it happens a lot when you are really jacked up, feeling your emotions. I don't think it served our purpose because anger is not better than clarity and humanity. [Scarlett Johansson] shared her story. It was clear and it was eloquent. Yelling doesn't. It just jacks people up but it doesn't communicate any type of humanity or any kind of story that would open another person's mind."
In other news, Cyndi Lauper's mom feared her daughter would go to hell because she came from divorced parents, according to the New York Post, so she sent her to a convent school. Since then, the "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" singer has been a vocal advocate of eliminating homelessness among LGBTQ youth.Cyndi Lauper even founded her nonprofit organization – True Colors Fund – designed to help young and homeless LGBTQ people. Although she had been trying creative ways to promote True Colors Fund, like reading tarot cards, she soon realized that singing and performing is what really works best for her to encourage people to help LGBTQ youth.

In her exclusive interview with the New York Post, Cyndi Lauper had a few juicy things to share about her life. In particular, the 63-year-old singer shared that her organization has found a way to effectively help LGBTQ youth and prevent them from running away from their homes.

Cyndi Lauper thinks that True Colors Fund's efforts can encourage LGBTQ youth to feel worthy and even "contribute to our country." The singer says that her nonprofit organization came up with pilot programs designed to talk kids, who feel they're thrown away, out of running away from homes.

When asked if she ever returns to her native neighborhood in Ozone Park, Cyndi Lauper revealed that she had a rather positive experience there the last time she visited her hometown.

"The last time I went, there were a lot of Indian families there, and the buildings were painted in great colors — and that was very exciting to me."
Cyndi Lauper added that when she was a kid, Ozone Park was just a plain, white area for lower-middle class people. The 63-year-old singer also recalled her Africa-American friend Edward, who lived around the corner.
"In fourth grade, we walked to school together and we listened to Motown. But we couldn't play together, because you didn't want to start trouble. It was a crazy time."
When asked if she was a rebellious type of student at school, Lauper revealed that she had been thrown out of Catholic schools twice. While the singer thinks political differences are to blame for her not so successful history in Catholic schools, she added that her mother thought Cyndi was going to hell.
"I think my mother thought we were gonna go to hell because she was divorced, so she put us in a convent school. She thought we were going to be saved, but the nuns... oh, they were angry. They had problems!"
Cyndi Lauper also gushed about her 19-year-old son, Declyn, who recently started his rap career under the pseudonym Dex Lauper. Although it's yet unclear whether Dex Lauper is going to become the new Kanye West or Drake, the boy already has his album called ALGO.When asked if Declyn ever asks her for advice regarding his signing career, Cyndi Lauper revealed that she had never even "tried" to give him any tips regarding his rap career. That makes perfect sense because the singer says nobody being a teenager goes to their parents for advice.

Instead, teenagers opt to do their "own thing" having no idea what they can possibly achieve and having no ability to adequately assess their talents. But Cyndi Lauper realizes that it's "hard" for any kid to figure out his or her "own thing," especially when that kid is daughter or son of a famous celebrity.

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