March 5, 2017
Christian Boycott Of 'The Shack' Movie Gets Response From Christian Blogger

The movie called The Shack is getting plenty of buzz -- just like the book called The Shack did years ago. As reported by the Washington Post, The Shack was written by William Paul Young when he quickly penned The Shack in order to give his kids an unforgettable and meaningful Christmas gift. About 12 years ago, in 2005, William likely didn't predict that his effort to teach his children his feelings toward God would eventually become a book that would go on to sell more than 20 million copies. Nor could Paul have guessed that The Shack would be turned into a movie in 2017 that would begin getting boycott buzz from some Christians.

The Shack is about suffering, mainly the suffering of a man named Mack who is mysteriously led back to a shack where he'd lost his daughter to a tragic murder a few years prior. The Shack centers around a Christian-themed Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Therefore, it's kind of odd to some Christians that there's backlash against The Shack by some Christians who are arguing about the details of the movie in comparison to the Christian Bible.

One concern seems to be that The Shack features Octavia Spencer as God, with the criticism being that God as a nonjudgmental rotund black woman being offensive to some viewers. Those viewers are claiming that the image could lead to an idolatrous false one of God, even though authors like C.S. Lewis have depicted Jesus as a lion, and plenty of other movies have used human images to represent God.

The bigger criticism of The Shack in terms of doctrine reside within any alleged notions that the movie puts forth that suggests everyone will go to heaven, whereas John 14:6 and other Scripture clearly states otherwise, according to Bible Gateway.

As such, The Shack has gained some controversy. And the backlash and boycott talk surrounding The Shack has one writer speaking out and hitting back with the Gospel. Crystal Olmos is gaining attention for a blog post titled "My response to Christians who are boycotting The Shack film." Crystal explained that after seeing an advanced screening of The Shack, she realized how wrong she felt the backlash was against The Shack.
"I was recently contacted by a precious woman from a marketing firm that works for Lionsgate films. She liked my mommy/lifestyle blog and also saw I was a Christ follower. She gave me VIP seats to attend the advance screening of The Shack... Unfortunately, my excitement was put at bay a little once I started seeing articles circulating around about how 'anti-Christian' and 'blasphemous' the book, and now film, was, in some Christians' opinions. Friends, can I just tell you… can I please just tell you… how wrong these people are."
Olmos wrote that she views blaspheme against God and Jesus seriously. She also noted that The Shack doesn't claim there isn't a hell, nor that there were no consequences for sin. The blogger notes that The Shack isn't the Bible, but it is a movie that contains plenty of biblical truths. Olmos wrote that The Shack could be used as a great icebreaker for hurting folks who might want to know more about spiritual things, and that she didn't see anything in the movie that was against the Word of God. In the end, Olmos wrote that it was up to the Holy Spirit to lead people to the truth, and that it's not the job of The Shack to save people, nor become Scripture.
"That's the Holy Spirit's job. John 16:13 says 'But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.' Let this perhaps be a door that opens hearts to our savior, Jesus."
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