March 5, 2017
Former Impact Wrestling Writer Claims Jeff Jarrett Contacted Him Recently

During the recent set of Impact Wrestling tapings, the company has decided to bring in both new and old faces as the organization goes in a new direction under new management.

Spoilers for future editions of Impact Wrestling indicate former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (Del Rio), Karen Jarrett, Dutch Mantell (Zeb Colter), and Bruce Prichard are just a few names set to return. However, one former longtime creative writer with Impact claims he was recently contacted about a potential return.

Vince Russo, one of the most controversial figures in pro wrestling history, said on his podcast, The Brand that Jeff Jarrett recently reached out. Jarrett himself was a part of the recent surge of returns and at the moment, reports indicate he will not be on television.

Prichard's podcast, Something to Wrestle, was reportedly a major factor in his return as Impact wants to expand its popularity. Russo's own podcast was a part of his conversation with Jarrett, the former Attitude Era scribe claims.

"I got an email from Jeff Jarrett about a week ago," Russo said (h/t Wrestling Inc). "Jeff Jarrett said to me, 'Vince, without revealing any information, what kind of numbers do you do on PodcastOne?' I wrote back to Jeff [and] gave him realistic numbers."

Per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via 411 Mania), it was Jarrett's idea to bring in Prichard and utilize his podcast as a promotional tool for the company. While Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Prichard was returning as both an on and off screen personality, his involvement with Impact will strictly be in front of the camera.

In regards to Russo, he claims that he forwarded a response to Jarrett about the popularity of his podcast. However, despite their relationship which dates back to Jarrett's late wife, Russo was not the one the company decided to bring back.

"Here's the problem, Jeff Jarrett wrote to me asking for my numbers," Russo said about his conversation with Jarrett. "I guess he asked Bruce Prichard, so at the end of the day, despite my history with Jeff Jarrett... I'm not going to get into it [that] I got back into the wrestling business because Jeff's wonderful and inspirational wife, Jill Jarrett, was passing away and Jeff had three little girls that he had to take care of. I didn't care about wrestling, I hated wrestling then, I didn't want to get back into wrestling but I saw the situation that he was in and I wanted to help my friend, but none of that matters!"

Russo added that he would not utilize his podcast to "shill" out of Impact Wrestling. Russo has long been an outspoken presence, whether it be on his podcast, website, social media, or other media interviews. Also, Russo's relationship with Impact isn't exactly on great terms; he spent several years with the company during its inception before briefly moving into a creative writer role in late 2009.

Russo then secretly worked as a consultant for the company before accidentally e-mailing PWInsider suggestions about Impact's television show and announce team. Ultimately, Russo understands that his former employer decided to bring back the personality with the podcast the generates more listeners.

"What matters is that Jeff wanted the podcast that he thought drew the biggest audience so that Bruce or Vince Russo can go on that podcast and shill Impact Wrestling for him," Russo said.

[Featured Image by Mike Kalasnik| Wikimedia Commons| Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0 ]