March 5, 2017
New York Knicks Vs. Golden State Warriors And The Unusually Quiet First Half

According to SB Nation, the entire first half of the game in Madison Square Garden did not have any music or background entertainment.

The stadium was advised via the large prompter with the message saying, "The first half of today's game will be presented without music, video or in-game entertainment so you can experience the game in its purest form. Enjoy the sounds of the game."

It is actually a smart move for the Knicks. Melissa Etheridge also sang the national anthem in acapella.
The stadium was not really quiet. There was still the buzz of the horns and the announcers as well as the whistles. However, this was an entirely new feeling for the fans.

Most basketball critics found it profound since they were able to enjoy the game in its purest form. In watching, they found themselves focused on just the gameplay instead of the promotional antics that usually go with the entertainment background of basketball games.

The stadium was also filled with the creaks of the basketball shoes running up and down the court. Fans tried to fill the ambiance with chatter, but as the game progressed, there were cheers and boos from the fans.

Tight Match

Though there was an eerie feeling at the beginning of the game, it was still an exciting one. The Warriors led the first quarter with a 29 to 18 advantage, but the New York Knicks tried to catch up nearing the second half. They had a 12-point lead during the second quarter, but they failed to push through.

Fans were cheering for Stephen Curry who apparently is back with his A game. Curry had a 15-point score during the third quarter as the Warriors continue to trail blaze towards the end of the game.

For the third quarter, they ended it with a 35-26, with Warriors in the lead.

The first half has also been golden for the Warriors. Curry has been mixing his shots with two-pointers and three-pointers and the entire offense is hitting the Knicks' defense hard.

For the final quarter, Curry has been set on the bench while Thompson, Green, West, Iguodala, and Livingston carry on. For the New York Knicks, they have Porzingis, Holiday, Baker, O'Quinn, and Thomas as the five to finish the game.

Fans are speculating that they will let Curry in for the final few moments, but only the coach would know that for now.

Kevin Durant [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]
[Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

When it comes to field goals, the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks were almost the same, with the Warriors having a 47.3 percent score and the Knicks with 46.3 percent.

However, the Warriors have dominated with their three pointers as well since they had 12 successful shots out of 28. While, on the other hand, the Knicks only had six three pointers.

As of writing, the Warriors are in the lead at 96-89. Carmelo Anthony made a free throw after Draymond Green had a shooting foul.

Shaun Livingston also received a personal foul.

The Warriors got the offensive rebound, but it is still a tight match with just a few points above the Knicks. The crowd grows more enthusiastic about the final minutes of the game.

The New York Knicks may have introduced a new way to start the game, but they are battling to make a strong finish. It's just a couple of minutes until they find a new winner. With a tight scoreboard, it could be anybody's game.

The New York Knicks and the Golden State Warriors continue to go head to head in Madison Square Garden.

Watch the game live here.

[Feature Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]