March 5, 2017
Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not The Diva He's Accused Of Being, Eyebrow Story Debunked

Leonardo DiCaprio has made headlines for more than just his stellar acting abilities and advocacy on environmental issues. The actor was said to have had some big diva demands for the recent Oscar awards including having flown an eyebrow specialist 7,500 miles from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles to prepare him for the big event.

The Daily Mail relays the rumor that has circulated since the lavish occasion, and additionally notes that the truth has been discovered.
"Australian eyebrow artist Sharon-Lee Hamilton was flown halfway round the world to spruce up the brows of a 'select' few 'A-list' celebrities with Leo initially said to be one of her clients by a number of publications. But Mail Online have learned that the reports she treated The Titanic star's brows before the ceremony were 'completely untrue.'"
It was all simply a case of tabloid telephone after brow artist Sharon-Lee had relayed to the Sydney Herald that she knew Leonardo because she had worked on Jennifer Meyer's brows, who is married to Tobey Maguire and a good friend to the Titanic star.

Sharon, did, however, actually travel to Los Angeles from Sydney to treat some A-list clients, of whom Leo was not one. The publication shares the information and details about the posts the eyebrow artist added to Instagram for the big night.

"The eyebrow guru posted several Instagram shots of her trip to Los Angeles which she described as 'fleeting.' Alongside a snapshot of the Dolby Theatre where the glitzy ceremony took place, Sharon-Lee posted the caption: 'what a day'. Snapshots of her business class flight ticket and champagne on board were also posted on her social media account."
Not only was DiCaprio the subject of this little rumor that involved his immaculately-groomed brows, but the actor was also then the subject of a conspiracy theory revolving around the mix-up that occurred when the Best Picture announcement was made.

Metro notes that moments before this error that will go down in Oscar history, Leo had awarded Emma Stone with the Best Actress award for her role in La La Land, the same film that was mistakenly read as Best Picture. The theory is that Leo played a prank by handing off the card he had to the next set of presenters, as the publication notes.

"When Warren Beatty's epic mistake was uncovered – that he and Faye Dunaway had announced La La Land to have won the Best Picture award instead of the real winner, Moonlight – the veteran actor blamed the card he was reading, citing the fact it had Emma Stone's name written on it, and saying that made him think La La Land had won. Having waited for his gong for a couple of decades, could Leo have decided to play a little prank on the Academy? Surely not?!"
Following the evening, A Twitter storm ensued, and even Neil Patrick Harris posted a zoom-in of the envelope in the hand of Beatty which actually read "Best Actress" on it. Emma Stone then piped in and insisted that she had the envelope from her victory the whole time. However, as Metro reminds, there are two cards for each presentation. So what really is the story here?The publication reminds as to how the mess up, that was immediately corrected, was responded to by the Academy.
"We sincerely apologize to Moonlight, La La Land, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture...We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation."
Leonardo DiCarprio has been known to be a bit of a joker and prankster, but would he really have gone so far?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]