WWE News: Roman Reigns Expected To Lose At 'Fastlane' With Undertaker Return

Despite the WWE presenting professional wrestling with pre-determined matches, there is still betting allowed on the event and the odds the day of a major event are almost always accurate when predicting winners and losers. In the case of Fastlane, Odds Shark reports that Braun Strowman has monster odds to beat Roman Reigns at -2,500. What this means is that a person will have to bet $2,500 to win $1. On the other hand, a person can bet just $1 to win $900 if they bet on Roman Reigns to win.

This means that, if the oddsmakers are correct, Roman Reigns will lose the match against Braun Strowman at Fastlane. Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when seeing these odds. A loss could be by disqualification or count out and does not have to be a pinfall loss.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Expected To Lose At 'Fastlane' With Undertaker Return

There is also the chance that outside interference could play a role in the loss. That is where The Undertaker likely comes into play. Comicbook.com reported that there are several different sources reporting that Undertaker will show up at Fastlane to set up his WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns.

The WWE has booked Braun Strowman as an unstoppable and monster heel. There are big things planned for Braun and having him lose at a small pay-per-view to Roman Reigns would ruin the great booking since the WWE brand split.

They also have to want Roman Reigns looking strong heading into WrestleMania and his match with The Undertaker, so he can't lose cleanly either. If Undertaker shows up at Fastlane and causes Roman to lose the match, it would easily set up the WrestleMania clash.

The reason for Undertaker screwing over Roman Reigns is already set as well. At The Royal Rumble, Reigns eliminated Undertaker by hitting him when his back was turned. As Undertaker stared into the ring after his elimination, Roman said "this is my yard now." It was clear that the WWE had big plans for the two wrestlers.

PWInsider reported that The Undertaker would be at Monday Night Raw this week and that is likely to be the setup for the Roman Reigns match. If Undertaker costs Reigns the match at Fastlane, Roman will probably call out Undertaker. Otherwise, it might be Undertaker coming out to call out Roman Reigns.

WWE News: Roman Reigns Expected To Lose At 'Fastlane' With Undertaker Return
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It seems strange to see this match coming. Originally, Undertaker returned to SmackDown Live last year before the Survivor Series and said that was his home and his career would no longer be defined by WrestleMania. He then disappeared again, only to return on Monday Night Raw and The Royal Rumble.

The original plans were for Undertaker to battle John Cena at WrestleMania. However, Vince McMahon was said to scrap those plans for a match that would help the future of the WWE instead of just putting on a big match to pop ticket sales.

John Cena even mentioned this on SmackDown Live last week when he said he would rather face Undertaker at WrestleMania than The Miz. However, for Vince McMahon, the future of the WWE is still Roman Reigns, and that is who The Undertaker will face.


However, first Roman Reigns will fight Braun Strowman at Fastlane tonight. Both men should be part of big matches at WrestleMania. The difference is that Braun should head to the big event on a huge winning streak while Roman Reigns will head in after a loss, possibly because of the returning Undertaker.

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