March 5, 2017
Who Is Eleanor Calder? Louis Tomlinson's Girlfriend Laid Bare

Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, made headlines this week when the One Direction star was arrested for defending her at the airport. But who is Eleanor Calder, how long were she and Louis together (on, and off, and then back on again), and what does she do when she's not the cause of airport mayhem?

Eleanor Calder is a 24-year-old British fashion blogger, stylist and model. Calder is originally from London, with a degree in politics and sociology from the University of Manchester. With 3.4 million followers on Instagram, she is not quite as popular as her famous boyfriend (who has 12.4 million followers as of this writing), but she is definitely a very popular personality in her own right.

Eleanor Calder girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson attends the Austin Style Brunch
Eleanor Calder. [Image by Rahav Segev/Getty Images]

Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson have met back in 2011, thanks to a friend of another One Direction member - Harry Styles. According to an interview with Seventeen, Harry used to work at a bakery with a friend of Eleanor, and when all three were together one day, Louis came over - and was introduced to Eleanor.

The two quickly fell in love and started dating, with Louis performing a romantic gesture, by cooking for Eleanor - his first dish ever.
"I can't really cook, but the first dish I ever made was for my girlfriend, Eleanor. I made chicken breast wrapped in ham, homemade mashed potatoes, and gravy."
Louis and Eleanor Calder dated for four years, and were often seen together in One Direction concerts. When Eleanor started her University studies, she remained in the U.K. while Louis toured with the band. Some have speculated that was one of the reasons for their eventual breakup in 2015.

Several months after the split, Louis Tomlinson's next girlfriend, 23-year-old Briana Jungwirth, became pregnant with their son, Freddie Reign, but the two did not remain romantically involved.

In 2015, Eleanor Calder started her own fashion and styling blog, The Trend Pear, along with her good friend Max Hurd, who she met at the University. The blog covers fashion trends and styles, from both male and female points of view. In an interview with Teen Vouge, Eleanor explained the rational behind her blog.

"We started taking pictures together because I wasn't that comfortable being in front of the camera on my own - I always wanted Max in it as well. As we started doing pictures together, we just saw it looked a lot better, and then we thought the concept would be interesting if we did the male and female perspective on current trends and how we both wear similar clothes differently."
Despite making a name for herself without her famous One Direction ex, Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson did end up back together recently. Before the two rekindled their love, Louis was seeing Disney actress Danielle Campbell for 14 months, but after their split, there was yet again room in his heart for Eleanor, as a source told The Sun.

Following the tragic death from cancer of Louis' mother, Johannah Deakin, he contacted Eleanor again.

"Eleanor was very close to Johannah and was even maid of honor at her 2014 wedding to husband Dan. No doubt she will have been devastated by her passing and keen to show Louis support."
Back in February, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder spent time together in LA, when Eleanor reportedly cancelled a fashion event she was supposed to be in, so she could spend time with Louis.

"They had a really special three years together", the source told The Sun, "And they have found it quite easy to find that spark between them again."

Now that Eleanor Calder is Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend again, it's understandable why he would start a brawl to defend her. While at this point the details of the airport incident, in which Louis was arrested for attacking a photographer, are still being investigated, it is widely believed the photographer was trying to film Eleanor, which angered Louis.

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