March 5, 2017
Katy Perry, John Mayer Allegedly Reconciled Pre-Orlando Bloom Split

Katy Perry and John Mayer have reportedly been in touch with one another for several weeks before the singer had even confirmed the news she was ready to call it quits with Orlando Bloom.

According to Hollywood Life, Katy Perry and John recently started speaking again, and while it's unclear whether plans to potentially reconcile were discussed, the "Chained To The Rhythm" hitmaker allegedly felt comfortable enough to tell Mayer her romance with Bloom wasn't working out.

The outlet claims that John knew about Katy's plans to end things with Orlando before she made the announcement just over a week ago, which has now given the impression that Mayer and Perry could potentially have plans to reunite and see if they can make their relationship work one last time.

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The on-again, off-again couple split back in 2014 after allegations were made against John, claiming he had cheated on Katy Perry with multiple women. Of course, this hadn't been the first time such a story made headlines, and while Katy never addressed the claim in public, it was enough for her to end the relationship and remove her belongings from Mayer's home.

It's unclear how Katy Perry and her on-again, off-again beau had gotten back in contact, but it appears as if their reconciliation as friends was long overdue, a source reveals, stressing how the twosome have been speaking to one another non-stop.

"Katy Perry and John Mayer chatting again! She still has a soft spot for him and was confiding in him weeks before the breakup," the insider notes. "Katy Perry and John Mayer chatting again! She still has a soft spot for him and was confiding in him weeks before the breakup."

"Katy said John was some of the best sex she's ever had, and friends think it's a matter of days before they're back in bed together. John still has a huge thing for Katy. He's very happy that she and Orlando are done. This is what he's been waiting for. It's delicate because he doesn't want to pick the wrong moment and come on too strong, but he will swoop in. He's already plotting."
Given the fact that Katy Perry and John Mayer have shared quite a troubled relationship in the past, that resulted in them breaking up and getting back together, fans aren't ruling out a possible reconciliation, especially with reports claiming that John knew about Katy's plans to dump Orlando before anybody else. As confirmed by TMZ, Katy ended the relationship with Bloom late January.

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With Katy Perry gearing up to release her new album in the forthcoming months, as mentioned by Billboard, social media users have wondered whether getting back with John could potentially end up distracting the songstress from focusing her attention solely on music.

Katy Perry was never shy to admit that Mayer was one of her best lovers, who she supposedly shared a connection with like no other. With sources claiming that they are already back to being friends, the impression is given that Katy has forgiven her ex-boyfriend for allegedly having cheated on her in the past.

It was just a week ago when it was confirmed that Perry and Orlando Bloom had ended their one-year romance, as insiders revealed that the duo was too busy to make their relationship work but hope to stay close pals while supporting each other with their future endeavors.

What do you make of Katy Perry potentially getting back with John Mayer, who has quite the reputation for not being able to commit himself to the women he dates — should she even be considering the idea of taking him back?

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