March 5, 2017
Brad Pitt Remaining Single: Never Wants Love Again After Angelina Jolie Divorce

Brad Pitt is fine with the idea of never falling in love again as he prepares for his nasty divorce battle with soon-to-be ex-wife Angelina Jolie, it has been reported.

The actor, who was said to have been blindsided by Jolie's move to file for divorce in September, has faced quite the obstacle in trying to overcome the pain and sadness he felt just by knowing that the couple's split was bound to change the family's dynamic forever.

As previously revealed, Brad Pitt became under the impression that the Salt star handled a smear campaign plan in order to sabotage his chances of receiving any sort of custodial rights over their six children.

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Brad is fully aware that Jolie is looking to be the sole guardian of their kids, having used stories such as alleged substance and child abuse to further her luck at being awarded the outcome that she's desperately hoping for, Life & Style reports.

While Brad Pitt has strongly denied some of the claims that he believes are coming from Angelina's PR team, there's no doubt that he's hurt and saddened by the fabricated lies that have been made about him — after all, he couldn't have been such a bad man if Jolie stuck by his side for 11 years, the source notes.

The divorce and custody drama that's currently ongoing has really taken a toll on Brad Pitt — so much that he doesn't even see himself falling in love again, Hollywood Life reports.

Brad Pitt has acknowledged the fact that he hasn't had a break from the dating scene for almost two decades, having always found himself in new relationships throughout his Hollywood career. The idea of simply staying single is refreshing, to say the least.

"He's not looking for any romance right now as he has his hands full. When the time is right it will happen and if it doesn't he is okay with that too," the insider notes. "He's been out of the dating circuit for nearly two decades and jumping back in at age 53 must seem pretty daunting."

At this given point, it would absolutely destroy Brad Pitt to see his estranged wife walk away with full custody of their six children, given the fact that he and Angelina have raised their kids together as a couple — there's no chance that Brad would settle for no custodial rights.

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The last thing that Brad Pitt currently wants to think about is whether he's going to form a new relationship in the near future. His family is and always will be the main priority in his life, so for him to even think of the possible chance that he could lose the right to see his children is enough for him to focus all of his attention on the forthcoming court case.

"Brad is focusing on whats really important after the split. He's become even a better father if that was even possible. He adores those kids and showers them with love. It's also incredibly important to him that they live as normal of a life as possible."
In recent interviews, Angelina has stressed that her divorce from Brad Pitt won't change the love the twosome have for one another, adding that they will always be a family.

Her comments strongly contradict previous comments she allegedly made regarding her plans to win full custodial rights of the children over the supposed fact that she doesn't think Brad Pitt is fit enough to care for the kids by himself without supervision at hand.

Brad Pitt will fight for joint custody once their ongoing divorce drama begins, with sources estimating the legal fees to cost well over $10 million between the former couple.

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