March 5, 2017
'Big Bang Theory' Spinoff Casting Is Under Way, Who Will Play Sheldon?

Casting for the Big Bang Theory spin-off, Sheldon, is underway, and reportedly, the parts of little Sheldon and his mother have been cast. The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Sheldon, will be written by Big Bang co-creator Chuck Lorre and showrunner Steve Molaro. Finding the right young Sheldon was rather difficult, but after an extensive search, they have cast Iain Armitage as Sheldon, and Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper, Sheldon's mother. It is still not clear if Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, the current Sheldon, will play any part in the spin-off.

Fans of Big Bang Theory have met several of the core cast's family members over the seasons, including Penny's mother, father, and brothers, says the Inquisitr. Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) family came out from Nebraska to visit, and attend Penny's wedding to Leonard. Also in attendance were Leonard's parents (we still haven't met his brother), and Sheldon's mother, Mary. In the past, we have met Sheldon's twin sister, and Sheldon's grandmother as well.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon has finally cast "little Sheldon." The role will be played by Iain Armitage, from Big Little Lies. For now, none of the Big Bang Theory cast members will be on the show Sheldon, but Jim Parson will be the executive producer.


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Big Bang Theory is the top sitcom currently on television in the 18-49 demographic, and is shot in a multi-camera format. The Big Bang Theory spin-off, Sheldon, is obviously hoping to take advantage of the show's popularity, but will be shot with a single camera. Fans of Big Bang Theory, and of the character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a genius and a prodigy who grew up a fish out of water in Texas with a religious mother, will finally get to see what he was really like as a child.

But with the roles of Sheldon and Mary Cooper cast for the Big Bang Theory spin-off, Sheldon, the next question is, who will play Sheldon's father? Fans of the Big Bang Theory know that Sheldon's father died when he was young, and that he was many of the things that Sheldon is not, including a sports fan, and a big drinker. Sheldon's father, George Cooper, died when Sheldon was 14, and had just finished college. So what else do fans know? TV Guide filled in some of the blanks.

"All we know about George is from what other characters have said about him. We know he was kind of a redneck simpleton who liked to drink whiskey and shoot guns. We know he didn't get along with Sheldon's mother and cheated on her -- Sheldon knocks three times before entering a room because he once walked in on his father in bed with another woman. He was a jerk, but Sheldon loved him."

TV Guide has a few ideas for an actor in his 40s who can play simple against Sheldon's precociousness. The first option is David Walton, seen in the show The New Girl. At six-feet, four-inches, Walton would be a good option physically, as actor Jim Parsons, adult Sheldon, is six-foot, one inch. The two also have similar coloring. Another thought is Chris Klein, who is also tall, and lankier than Walton, and has been known to play less than smart. The last thought? Ashton Kutcher, if he was interested in returning to series television.

What do you think of the casting so far for the Big Bang Theory spin-off Sheldon? Who do you think should play Sheldon's father?

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