'Sister Wives' News: Kody Brown Tells Mykelti Brown She Has To Delay Her Wedding

Last week on Sister Wives, the viewers saw that Mykelti Brown is planning to get married. Tony hasn't actually popped the question on the show yet, but he did talk to her dad Kody about it. Of course, Kody Brown wasn't thrilled about another wedding happening so close to Maddie's because it will be hard for the family financially. Us Weekly shared a preview of this week's episode of Sister Wives, and Kody Brown is going to tell Mykelti that she doesn't have a choice but to delay her wedding. Kody Brown is going to try everything he can to get his way.

Kody goes to St. George, Utah, to have lunch with Padron on the new episode. He will talk to him about the wedding among other things. Kody will sit down and explain to him that he wants the wedding to be put off. Mykelti Brown has made it clear she wants a short engagement. Kody says, "My purpose to talking to you is to talk to you about the idea of putting off the wedding a little bit longer, for the purpose of making it a special occasion for Mykelti." Kody is going to make it all sound like this is what is best for Mykelti, and that is the reason he wants to do it. Mykelti will explain to the cameras that this isn't what she wants at all. She says, "Tony and I aren't waiting. We're getting married in August still. I don't really want to wait."

Kody Brown goes on to explain to Tony the reasons. He says, "I want there to be no regrets in this sense. It's a challenge for me to do that — to make it special — if we go in August. I'd love to have you wait till spring, but I feel like a good compromise would be December. Because I think Mykelti would make grand December bride." It looks like Kody Brown may have got his way, though.

Just two weeks ago, People shared all about Mykelti Brown's wedding shower. If she got married in August, there would be no reason at all to be having a shower now. This was for her upcoming wedding. It does sound like her dad Kody Brown got his way, and Mykelti will be having a wedding in December or even later. At the shower, she said, "My favorite part of my bridal shower was all my friends and family being together for me and for my family-in-law to be with them. The decorations and the setting was perfect and the whole day was just as I hoped. I had so much fun conversing and seeing all of them. Awkward to open gifts in front of so many people, but a real pleasure to have them all there."

This season on Sister Wives, the viewers will get to see Maddie Brown get married to Caleb Brush. It doesn't sound like Mykelti Brown's wedding will end up airing until another season of the show. The viewers can't wait to see these girls get married and this is a great way to keep the show around. Mykelti Brown and Tony announced that they were engaged in June. If they had gotten married in August, that would have only given them about a month to plan a wedding, which just isn't long enough.

Are you surprised to see that Kody Brown is telling Mykelti she has to put off her wedding? Do you think he is doing the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. This week you will see if Kody Brown can get through to Tony and Mykelti on putting the wedding off.

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