Alec Baldwin And Other Stars Of ‘Boss Baby’ Share How They Relate To The Movie

When a new baby comes to live with a family, the family soon learns that, at least for a little while, the baby becomes the center of the family which can be hard for an older sibling who is used to having mom and dad to themselves. One of the more unusual movies to come to theaters this year deals with this very issue.

Inspired by Marla Frazee’s book of the same name, The Boss Baby takes this normal family situation and blows it all out of proportion. Instead of being just a story about a 7-year-old boy having to readjust to living with a new infant brother, this DreamWorks animated tale tells the story from the imaginative older brother’s point of view. Instead of arriving by stork or with his parents from the hospital, the Boss Baby comes in a taxi wearing a suit and tie. Tim soon notices other things that are not quite right with his new baby brother and points them out to mom and dad, but they don’t understand. Tim is sure that his new little brother is up to no good and will somehow ruin his life forever.

The Boss Baby and his brother

The basic premise of The Boss Baby is one that every parent can understand and most children will be able to relate too.

“My wife and I have a daughter who is three, and before my son was born, she was the princess and was just adored and catered to by everybody,” says Alec Baldwin, who is the voice talent of The Boss Baby. “Then my son came along —and he was first son, so I just flipped out. At this time, she was two-years-old. She would stare at him thinking ‘Something’s got to change around here. You know we have to fix this!’ So for my daughter, there was a process to be able to accept her little brother. When she finally gave him a kiss, we all cried. We thought this day would never come.”

Lisa Kudrow can relate.

“I’m a mom of a single child, and I know how much I am needed. So I imagine that it’s really hard if you have two kids and you’re completely aware of trying not to appear that you are giving too much love or attention to one or the other. So, I think it’s a good thing I only had one,” says Kudrow.

But as the youngest in her family growing up, Kudrow also understands how the family dynamics work for the new addition.

“I was the baby, and my siblings are eight and six years older than me. I remember when I was little, I’d do something that would really irritate them. Then, as soon as my dad came home, they’d start charging towards him to complain. That’s when I’d say, ‘Well, I’m just little,’ and my father would say, ‘That’s right. … She’s just little.’ It was evil of me.”

The "boss baby" with his parents

Kudrow plays the Boss Baby’s mother and late night show host Jimmy Kimmel plays her husband in his first animation acting role. Kimmel admits that he has his own Boss Baby back home.

“I have a two-year-old, and she is definitely the Boss Baby in our house,” explains Kimmel. “It’s like we are her servants. I think she thinks we are the staff of the house because I make her pancakes in the morning, and I make them in the shapes she wants. You know, whatever, her wish is our command.”


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The "Boss Baby" and his brother.

Steve Buscemi, who voices the villain character Francis E. Francis, has one older brother and two younger ones so he was well aware of the sibling rivalry that occurs in the movie.

“I do remember how upsetting it was when my brother, Michael, came right after me,” says Steve. “I felt like he was moving in on my turf, and I didn’t like it. I guess it was the same for my older brother Johnny when I came along, but I didn’t see it that way. It’s great to have siblings, but it’s sometimes difficult to get along and to share the love.”

The Boss Baby comes to theaters on March 31, 2017.

[Featured Image by DreamWorks Animation]