‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Amy Duggar, Dillon Fail Lie Detector, Couple Not Ready?

The reality star couples on the Friday, March 3, episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, faced the lie detector as they were confronted with serious, often unsettling questions about their marriages and relationships.

Amy Duggar expressed fears about having children at the beginning of the episode.

“I don’t know if this is normal,” she cried in distress. “I am scared out of my mind.”

When it was time for the couples to ask each other questions, her husband, Dillon King, wanted to know whether she really wanted to raise a family or not. What she felt about having children was clear from previous comments. It was also clear from the look on her face when Dillon confronted her with the question.

Answering the question under the lie detector, Amy said she was not afraid to have children and raise a family, but as expected, she failed the lie detector test.

“Amy, your question was: Are you afraid to bring a child into this family?”


Amy did not have a question for Dillon but Judge Lynn Toler asked him if he thought their marriage would last.

Dillon answered positively, saying he thought it would last, but he also failed the lie detector, which returned the dreaded “deception was indicated” result.

But Amy’s lie was a white lie, because she had expressed her fears about having children earlier in the episode. She also did not appear particularly surprised by the fact that her husband failed the lie detector.

Toler asked Gabi Victor if it was possible that her child with Victor Tarrats was not his (Tarrats’). She also asked Victor if he’d had sexual relations with anyone other than Gabi since they’d been together.

Gabi was emphatic that there was no chance that another man was the father of her child, but the lie detector betrayed her. Victor also denied ever cheating on Gabi, but again, the lie detector betrayed him.

Not minding the fact that she also failed the lie detector, Gabi was rather upset that Victor might have cheated on her. Renee and Premadonna tried, unsuccessfully, to calm her.

Gabi later declared she was relieved to learn that Victor had cheated on her. But it was obvious that she was upset. Later at home, Gabi attacked Victor, hitting and throwing things at him. The production crew had trouble breaking up the fight and had to call the cops.

The former Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, and her husband, J.P. Rosenbaum, who starred in the seventh season of The Bachelorette, also had troubles of their own.

Hebert said she was not sure if her husband really wanted to remain in the relationship or if he felt forced to do so because they “were in the public eye.”

“One thing I always wondered is if he felt pressured to be in a relationship because we were in the public eye.”

Toler asked Ashley, strapped to the lie detector machine, if she still would have chosen to marry Rosenbaum if he had not wanted to have children.

Ashley answered that she would have married Rosenbaum even if he did not want to have children and raise a family.

The lie detector indicated she was telling the truth.

Toler also asked Rosenbaum whether he felt pressured to stay in the relationship due to the public attention they were getting. J.P. said that being in the public eye was not the reason why he was staying in the relationship.

As he was being strapped to the lie detector, J.P. asked the technician for tips on how to beat the machine. But The Bachelorette Season 7 winner passed the test, much to his partner’s delight.

J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert were arguably the least dysfunctional couple of the lot.

The episode plumbed the shocking depths of the dysfunctionality of the relationship between Renee Graziano and her partner Joey Gambino.

Joey Gambino was asked if he’d ever cheated on his partner Renee. Renee was also asked if she believed that Joey was the man she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

The test results indicated that Joey had used “counter-measures” to make it difficult for the machine to obtain a reliable reading on whether his response was truthful.

Renee also answered that she did not think Joey was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The lie detector indicated she was telling the truth.

The result that Joey had used “counter-measures” upset Renee very much because it suggested to her that Joey was trying to hide the truth.

Later, when they returned from the “hall pass” night, Joey said Renee had been a “whore [her] whole life.” Renee expressed sadness about Joey’s remarks but said she was happy that she now knew “exactly what kind of man Joe is.”

Premadonna passed the lie detector test when she said she really wanted a child. Her partner, Buck Thomas, said he did not want to have a baby outside marriage. The lie detector indicated he was truthful. But Premadonna was apparently not pleased with Buck’s answer.

It was clear that Renee Graziano and Joey Gambino would need a lot of help if their relationship would survive and that it would have been better if they had sought counseling privately rather than on TV.

Similarly, Ashley’s doubts about Rosenbaum suggest she would also need some counseling about her relationship with her partner.

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