‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For March 6 To 10: Julian Confesses, Corinthos Drama

Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) is set to leave Port Charles soon but General Hospital spoilers for March 6 to 10 reveal her end goal would finally be unveiled. This time, she is going to use Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) who is still ignorant of her true identity. Thanks to Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Julian Jerome (William deVry) would escape from his prison. Meanwhile, the Corinthos family is going to face another major challenge courtesy of Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier).

The Evil Jerome Sister

General Hospital spoilers for next week show Julian could get out of the prison his sister designed for him. Liz and Franco (Roger Howarth) is going to hear unusual sounds coming from the trunk of the car. Liz will ultimately realize there is a person inside the trunk and with Franco’s help, they pry the trunk open.

Julian will be rushed to the hospital so he will get the necessary medical attention. He won’t get out scot-free, though. Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) will interrogate him on his involvement in the recent happenings in Port Charles. His statement will clear up Ava Jerome’s (Maura West) name. Ava is yet to confess her sins and while it would be wrong if she paid for Liv’s misdeeds, she is guilty of something too.

Liv will still be the major villain in the upcoming week based on clues from General Hospital spoilers. She is going to make friends with Griffin who is totally blind about how evil she is. Spoilers tease Griffin is going to make a major sacrifice. Jordan may know about the missing Jerome sister but Griffin doesn’t. He has no idea Liv is his dad’s stalker. General Hospital spoilers are also hinting Griffin would be in danger once Liv jumps into a conclusion that he is Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) son.


Griffin will not be the only person Liv is going to target who is related to Anna. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) whom Liv meets in the parking lot is going to get kidnapped. It seems Liv has a penchant for making expecting mothers suffer. General Hospital spoilers hint Robin’s temporary accommodations is going to be the boiler room. It seems Robin will beg Liv not to harm her and her baby. Needless to say, General Hospital spoilers reveal what Liv has inside her bag.

Meanwhile, Jordan will tell Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) that Liv is in Port Charles. Anna will be taken aback with this news and she starts to worry. With Liv threatening her daughter, Anna has every right to freak out. Anna will ask for advice from Jordan what she needs to do.

Liv has always been against the General Hospital and Franco will stumble into a major discovery why the mob lady is so intent on closing the institution’s doors. Franco, who is working as a janitor in the hospital, will see what’s under it thanks to his new career. Liv will not be alone. According to General Hospital cast rumors, David Lee is going to be back in Port Charles as Rudge.

Corinthos Affairs

Carly (Laura Wright) wants to know the truth about Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier). Carly and Sonny (Maurice Benard) need to deal with the matter at hand. Nelle will explain everything and Michael Quartermaine (Chad Duell) will sympathize with her once she spills everything. This doesn’t mean Nelle and Michael will have a happy week. The two will exchange words later in the week and General Hospital spoilers reveal Michael will end up confused about Nelle.

Custody Wars

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) will continue fighting for Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Griffin wants to have custody of the child and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) wants the same for him. Valentin has an ace this time in the person of ace legal eagle Nora Buchanan (Hillary B Smith). Valentin and Nina Cassadine (Michelle Stafford) has a huge chance of winning the custody battle.

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Valentin will ask his estranged wife to cooperate while they are in court. General Hospital spoilers indicate Nina is going to agree with Valentin since she has come to love Charlotte. Despite her anger over Valentin’s feelings for Anna, she will do anything to keep her family intact.

With so many things happening in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers next week hint more revelations and confessions.

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