Jack Thompson sues Facebook for $120 million

Anti-video game crusader and disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson is suing Facebook for $120 million because the social networking site hosts anti-Jack Thompson forums.

Thompson alleges in his suit that Facebook has harmed him by not removing angry postings made by Facebook users, including one group that suggests that Thompson should be "Jack smacked across the face with an Atari 2600."

Other groups not finding favor with Thompson include I Hate Jack Thompson, Stop Jack Thompson, and Disbar Jack Thompson.

Thompson says that the posts are dangerous and have caused him "great harm and distress," seemingly ignoring his own stupidity as being the root cause of issues such as his house has been shot at, his car vandalized, and "sex aid devices [being] sent to his home." According to Thompson's filing, he has to take his phone off the hook to keep from being awakened by angry callers.

Facebook said in a statement that the suit is "without merit" and that it "will fight it vigorously."