Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: Teen Naps For 64 Days

A Pittsburgh-area teenager has been diagnosed with a rare condition in which she sleeps for days or even weeks at a time. It’s called Kleine Levin Syndrome, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, and there is as yet no known cure.

At one point, Nicole Delien apparently slept for 64 days straight, from Thanksgiving thorough January.

According to CBS Channel 2 in Pittsburgh, Nicole’s mother “says Nicole will sleep 18 or 19 hours a day, and when she does wake up to eat, she says Nicole is in a sleepwalking state which she doesn’t remember.” Nicole, 17, has slept through holidays, birthdays, and family vacations. She has been dealing with this disorder since she was age 6.

Yahoo! News has more background on Sleeping Beauty Syndrome that reportedly only affects 1,000 people around the world:

“The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) says Kleine Levin Syndrome affects primarily adolescent males (70 percent) and can often result in an individual sleeping for up to 20 hours at a time. While there is no treatment or cure for the condition, many individuals living with the condition simply outgrow it as they age, usually over the course of 8 to 12 years.”

Nicole Delien has been taking medication, and her last episode of the syndrome occurred in March.

According to the Canadian Press, there are no diagnostic tests for Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, and symptoms of the disorder in addition to sleeping for long periods of time can include “compulsive eating, cognitive and mood disturbances or hypersexuality, the latter mostly experienced by males with the condition.” A flu-like illness has also been reported before an episode of Kleine Levin Syndrome.

Watch a report on Nicole Delien from KDKA, Channel 2: