Amber Baker: Pregnant California Mom Shot Dead In Front Of 4-Month-Old Baby

Amber Baker, a 20-year-old woman from Fresno, California, was reportedly shot dead by an unknown individual last Sunday morning. According to CBS News, Baker’s body was found lying on her bed with her four-month-old infant right next to her. The infant was unharmed. Initial investigations revealed that Baker was shot and killed at around 5:45 a.m, local time, on Sunday morning. The incident happened at her Griffith Gardens apartment complex.

Amber Baker’s body was found after the local police department received a call informing them about the incident and pleading for urgent medical help. According to police officers from the Fresno Police Department, they responded to a medical aid call following which they reached the apartment. Police officers found Amber’s body lying on a bed. In a statement issued to the media, Lt. Stephen Viveros, Fresno Police Department said as follows.

“Officers arrived and located a 20-year-old white female adult with a gunshot wound, she died as a result of her injuries inside the apartment.”

They also confirmed that Amber’s four-month-old baby was found lying next to her body. The police also added that there were several people inside Amber’s home when they reached there. Everyone present inside the home were later called in for questioning as part of the standard investigating process.

According to Katie Martin, Amber’s older sister, she and other members of the family were informed about Amber’s death by the police.

“We just got a call that she had been shot in her house.”

Even as an investigation into the incident started hours after the body was found, police still do not have a clue about the killer. Katie also informed the police that Amber was reportedly pregnant with another child at the time of her death. An autopsy performed later confirmed that Amber was indeed six weeks pregnant. Meanwhile, friends and family came together on Sunday evening as part of a vigil held in Amber’s memory. She was described by almost everyone as a friendly, helpful person.

“Amber was a beautiful person, she had a huge heart.”

According to Amber’s friends, she worked at a local McDonald’s and was a very hard worker who kept to herself most of the times. They also denied any possibility that would connect Amber with a group of gangs and drugs. This was after the police told them they were looking at several angles as part of the investigation. Amber’s family is yet to recover from the shock of Amber’s death.

“We just don’t understand why somebody would come take her life in the middle of the night when she’s asleep with my nephew there, we don’t know.”

Talking about Amber’s four-month-old baby, Martin said as follows.

“She has a beautiful baby who she loves so much and he’s going to grow up without a mom and it’s devastating.

Amber’s friend Katelyn Thompson said the following.

“For this just to happen, it didn’t need to happen to her, especially her, she was so caring and loving, her heart was filled with joy and happiness.”

Even as the investigation into the incident continues, Amber’s other sister Cassie Baker told police officers that she did hear an argument taking place inside the apartment which Amber shared with her other roommates. The investigation is also continuing to explore this angle. In case you know anything about the incident that could lead to the arrest, please call the Fesno Police Department or call Crime Stoppers at 559-498-STOP.

[Featured Image By Skitterphoto/Pixabay]