‘Supernatural’ Season 12: Sam and Dean Could Join The British Men Of Letters

After initially making it clear that they won’t join their mother in working with the British Men of Letters, Supernatural brothers Sam and Dean could find themselves forced to join this week. The synopsis for Episode 14 makes it clear that they will be put in a predicament that could mean relying on the British Men of Letters again.

It won’t be the first time that the brothers have had to work with the British faction of the Men of Letters. When dealing with Lucifer controlling the president, the two accepted some of the “toys” from the faction to put Lucifer back in the cage – well, that is where they believe he is.

In the next episode, Mary and Castiel worked with them to find the Winchesters, after they were locked away in solitary for attacking the president. The Winchesters didn’t know they were working with the British Men of Letters at first, but couldn’t really argue at their mother’s and best friend’s actions considering weeks had gone by without a word.

Now Mary has revealed to her sons that she has been working with the British Men of Letters for some weeks. This is despite the faction torturing her youngest son for information – information that the Winchesters didn’t exactly have. Her defense has been that the faction wants the same thing as the hunters: to rid the world of supernatural creatures. However, the Winchester brothers have made it clear they want nothing to do with the Brits.


Supernatural Season 12, Episode 14 may change all of that. The Winchesters will need to handle a pack of vampires and Mary will come along for the ride. They are all caught off guard when the Alpha vamp shows up, turning the tables on Mary and the British Men of Letters. The Winchester brothers may have to make a decision to work with the group to get rid of the vampires.

According to Gosh TV, the British Men of Letters do seem to want the same goals as the Supernatural brothers. They just go about it a different way and not always in the best way for some of the innocent bystanders. After all, those who held Sam and Dean in solitary were killed at the very end, despite the Winchesters wanting them to be spared.

Mary argues in the trailer for Supernatural Season 12, Episode 14 that the British faction has a better way of dealing with supernatural beings. The problem for many fans is that Mary never wanted to remain a hunter. While there were times that she would still go out, despite promising not to let her boys grow up in the world, she couldn’t let innocent people die. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want out of the game and if she can find any way of doing that she will cling to that hope.


Of course, it is possible that the British Men of Letters have ulterior motives. Is it possible that they also want to get rid of all hunters? Or would they force hunters to join them or die considering their knowledge of the supernatural world?

The Winchesters are already technically part of the Men of Letters. In Supernatural Season 8 it was revealed that their grandfather Henry Winchester was a Man of Letters. He was killed in the present day, after jumping through time to deal with Abaddon – a Knight of Hell. The Men of Letters legacy is passed down through the generations, but the American faction became extinct after Abaddon’s attack. It is possible that the London faction wants to bring back the Kansas faction through the Winchester brothers.


Only time will tell but Supernatural Season 12, Episode 14 will give a good indication as to whether Sam and Dean will join the British Men of Letters.

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