Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Dating, Bets Placed On How Long This One Will Last

Rumors have been circulating that Taylor Swift has found a new boyfriend in One Direction’s Harry Styles. Their relationship was confirmed by X Factor co-host Mario Lopez, who spotted the two holding hands.

When Swift was asked to perform on X Factor, Lopez apparently spotted Styles hanging around during rehearsal. Curious, Lopez approached Styles and asked him what he was doing there.

“I said, ‘What are you doing here?’ And he sort of pointed toward Taylor. And then I see the two walking off hand in hand. So Taylor Swift and Harry from One Direction are officially hanging out, I can say that much.”

Lopez confirmed the news to Perez Hilton, and the rest is history.

Now, we love us some Taylor Swift. She’s the classic American sweetheart and an endlessly charitable individual. She does, however, have a long line of short-lived celebrity romances in her rear-view, most recently occupied by Conor Kennedy (of the politically influential family you’re thinking of).

We say all this to say that we’re now placing bets on how long this one will last, and how quickly Styles will be turned into song lyrics for Swift’s next album.

Here are a couple of tweets that seemingly confirm the relationship between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles:

Celebrity pro-tips: Swift, be wary of becoming the next Jennifer Aniston, another of America’s Sweethearts who just couldn’t seem to find love for the longest time (and also fell for John Mayer). Styles, be good to Swift, or become song lyrics.

How long do you think the relationship between Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles will last?