Malia Obama Rocks Black Skinny Jeans And A Smile While Returning To Work

Malia Obama is beginning to be eye candy for photographers, and skinny jeans are a bonus.

The former first daughter beamed with her pearly whites as paparazzi flashed away Monday. Malia returned to her internship after spending quality time with her father in New York last week.

Malia Obama has developed some A-lister street cred — quick, fast, and in a hurry. On her way to the Manhattan office of the Weinstein Company, where Malia recently began her internship, paparazzi were staked out and waiting for the perfect shot. The 18-year-old didn’t disappoint, according to a Daily Mail report.


Malia, who’s been snapped in pictures recently, hasn’t always looked eager to accommodate a lurking paparazzo. Often, when she’s dropped off at work, Malia makes a quick exit from the vehicle without stopping to pose for pictures. This time, things were slightly different; she appeared like a willing participant to photographers jockeying for position.

Malia Obama arrived to work in her signature casual look, but she was arguably a bit chicer on the first day of the week. After a black vehicle dropped off Michelle and Barack Obama’s oldest daughter, Malia stepped out wearing black skinny jeans and matching luxe label 3.1 Phillip Lim zipper moto boots. The word is Malia’s fancy footwear retails for a cool $695.

Malia’s jeans were paired with a black windbreaker that had a prominent white stripe one each arm. And it seems like her caramel-tipped locks are here to stay. Yep, it seems like Malia is settling in the Big Apple well and adopting her own fashion lane.

Sources say Malia appeared to be in a good mood on Monday. She even paused for a moment and took a call before entering the building. Perhaps the cheerful mood was simply the result of two days off from the grind over the weekend. On the other hand, you can’t discount the impact of her famous father.

Malia and Barack Obama were seen in NYC having some father and daughter time. On Thursday, Malia hooked up with the former POTUS over dinner at a popular Italian eatery in Soho.

On Friday, according to the Washington Post, Malia and her father attended a showing of the Broadway play The Price by Arthur Miller. The production stars Danny DeVito, Tony Shalhoub, Mark Ruffalo, and Jessica Hecht. They managed to sneak into the Roundabout Theatre Company without much of a fuss and even took pictures backstage with the cast.


Earlier, Obama went for a coffee run, and it didn’t take long for New Yorkers to learn about his visit to the city — thanks to the convoy of black SUVs and bodyguards. Malia was also seen sporting skinny jeans during a leisure walk with a friend.

Barack and Michelle Obama are one month removed from two terms in the White House. The former first couple has been vacationing with their pal Sir Richard Branson. The billionaire hosted the famous couple at his private getaway in the British Virgin Islands.

Pictures of Malia’s parents showed them appearing to have the time of their lives in a post-White House world. Barack was seen kitesurfing and Michelle was seen strutting about in flip-flops and denim shorts.

The couple returned from jet setting and settled in a leased D.C. mansion. There, they will live for another two years until Malia Obama’s younger sister, Sasha, completes graduates from high school.

Michelle was seen twice at SoulCycle, one of her favorite fitness hotspots. In a bit of irony, once among the most-photographed persons in the world, Michelle managed to blend in with other patrons. Mrs. O was seen twice in an all-black ensemble: leggings, hat, and sunglasses.

Malia is on a gap year from Harvard University. Reportedly, she is due to enroll in the fall. Until then, it seems like gossip spies and fans are on “Malia Watch” during her internship.

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