Luis D. Ortiz Moves To Paris: ‘MDLNY’ Star Stays Close With Fredrik Eklund?

Luis D. Ortiz isn’t scared of trying something new. When he joined Million Dollar Listing: New York, Luis was brand new to real estate. He didn’t have the same experience as Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund, and the two veteran sellers saw him as a newbie in the field. However, Ortiz was quick to pick up skills and tools to help him out, and he quickly had a growing portfolio of sales. However, real estate just didn’t really do the trick for him, and he decided to leave the industry in favor of doing something completely different.

According to a new Instagram post, Luis D. Ortiz revealed that he’s excited about moving to Paris, France. He previously announced that he was moving to Paris on March 1, and he’s excited about what this new chapter will bring. But before leaving for the airport today, Luis D. Ortiz made sure that he had said his goodbyes to his co-stars.


“Look who stopped by to say goodbye before moving to Paris! I’m so sad to see you leave, but my tickets to visit you in [France] are already booked! Love you brother, what a journey we’ve had, but our friendship is just beginning,” Fredrik revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of himself with Luis D. Ortiz at his apartment.

“Such a happy pic!! You both are so passionate, optimistic & driven, so full of life,” one person wrote to the friends, while another added, “Adorable photo! It makes me smile and I just love you guys.”

Many people have revealed that they will miss Luis D. Ortiz on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Of course, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik will continue filming the show, and they have been in production for a few weeks already. And it is possible that Luis D. Ortiz will make an appearance on the show this year as he’s gearing up for his big move to Paris, France. And since he’s close to Fredrik these days, his final goodbye may be filmed for the show.


“I can’t believe a month ago I decided to move to Paris and in three days from now it will actually happen. Always trust your gut! Don’t ignore it, or worst, convince it that is wrong. In 30 years, I can’t tell you a time when it has been. It has always been right! And you know yours has been too. Let’s go,” Luis D. Ortiz revealed on his Instagram account this week, sharing that he’s excited about moving to Paris later in the week.

Earlier this week, Luis met up with both Fredrik and Ryan Serhant in New York. They shared a picture of them together, and fans were excited about it. But it sounds like Luis D. Ortiz just wanted to say goodbye to his co-stars, even though they haven’t always gotten along with one another. Ryan doesn’t really like his co-stars, and they accused him of buying his followers last year. Ortiz called him out on Million Dollar Listing: New York alongside Fredrik as they talked about Ryan’s Instagram followers on the show. It sounds like they wanted him to admit to buying his popularity and fame, but he never admitted to anything. In response to the claims, he wrote a lengthy post for Bravo, explaining that he had nothing to gain by buying his followers on social media.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz’s comments about moving to Paris, France? Are you surprised that he’s staying friends with Fredrik Eklund after everything they have been through?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]